April 13, 2010

Washing Diapers for the first time in a LONG time

This is sort of a Newborn Diapering, Part 2. I washed our first load of newborn diapers over the weekend. I'm now 31 weeks (due June 12) and I thought that would be one task I could get out of the way. Plus it would give me a chance to see how different brands washed up, how long they took to dry, etc. If you remember from my last post on this subject, despite cloth diapering for over 4 years, most of the brands in our new stash are new to me.

So onto the washing! I dumped all 37 diapers into the washing machine. They're small, and some are VERY small, so they all fit fine. I added 2 tablespoons of Country Save and washed in warm water. This isn't how I would normally wash diapers, but these have never been used, so I figured they didn't need hot water or the cold pre-rinse.

Then into the dryer they all went, along with 4 wool dryer balls to speed drying time. I like to make washing diapers easy on myself, so everything is washed together and everything is dried together. If I had to pull some things out to hang dry, or had to wash them separately, I wouldn't enjoy cloth diapering quite so much. My method doesn't always follow good diaper care, but a sane mommy with clean diapers is more important to me!

After the first 60 minute cycle (we have an old dryer, so take my dryer experience with a grain of salt), I pulled everything out to see how it did.

Velcro: All the velcro tabs held except for one tab on my Thirsties Duo Diaper. I also have Happy Heinys, BumGenius bamboo fitteds, Drybees, and a couple other diapers with velcro. So far they all held. No diaper chains today.
Colors: As expected, none of the colors ran in the wash, not even the dark blue Thirsties Fab Fitted. Everything was colorfast.

Drying Time: As expected, all of the pockets and covers were fully dry. Microfiber inserts were dry. None of the All-in-One diapers or fitted diapers were dry yet.

Into the dryer for a second run went the AIOs and fitteds. After a second 60 minute cycle (again, remember my dryer is old and desperately needs replaced), most everything was dry. Of the BumGenius Bamboo Fitteds, half were completely dry and half weren't. And of all the other diapers, only my 4 Spooky Kitty Collective fitteds weren't quite dry yet. They, along with the bamboo fitteds, went in with a load of towels to finish drying.


Congratulations on your imminent bundle of joy! Can't wait to hear how it goes!

Thanks Alannah! I look forward to sharing all of my experiences. I'm secretly hoping to have some troubles...like leaking or poor fit, just so I can try to solve the problem. How goofy is that?!

Congratulations!! I know you are excited! I also use wool dryer balls on both our cloth diapers and all other laundry. I bought mine at www.WoolDryerBalls.com two years ago and the same 6 are going strong this very min..lol