April 9, 2010

So you want to try cloth, but your ________ doesn't.

I remember it well...I was ready to try cloth diapers. I'd talked myself into it, had decided the cost would be worth it, and I was excited to order. But, roadblock...my husband didn't want anything to do with cloth. One look at his face told me I'd have an uphill battle.

Ultimately I dipped my toe in and ordered just two diapers. Sure enough, once he saw them, he said "THESE are what you want to use?"

My husband, and later my mom, both had the idea of old-fashioned cloth diapers stuck in their heads. My sweet hubby was imagining folding squares of fabric, using pins, dunking poopy diapers, and sweaty rubber pants. My mom used those very things on me, so she was sure I'd hate cloth diapers.

Does this sound familiar? I often get emails from moms (and occassionally dads or grandmas) who want to use cloth, but are facing opposition from someone else in the family. In most cases, I really think they think the same as my husband and mom...old style cloth that our grandmas used.
Good news! Modern cloth diapers are soooo different that they'll be shocked. It might be worth buying just one to show off. My favorite diaper for this situation is the BumGenius All-in-One because they are SO similar to disposables, except reusable. I even carry an Extra Small of this diaper in our car to show people...it's just so cute and looks so obviously simple that everyone agrees cloth has changed a lot.
So how did it turn out for us? Well, my husband was on board 100% after that and we never looked back. When our diaper sprayer needed a new part, we spent a month dunking and he even dunked diapers (I took this pic for proof!)
And my mother? Now she's such a huge advocate that she's converted lots of new moms to cloth diapers. Some of my best customers and one of my favorite retailers were converted to cloth by my mom. And when we travelled for 2 weeks for my brother's wedding, Mom drove me around a tiny town looking for a laundromat so I wouldn't be forced to buy disposables.


That's fabulous! My husband is a good sport about things. Bless his heart, I have so many varieties that he gave up learning them all and will change a diaper only when everything is neatly laid out for him (which pretty much defeats the purpose). I chuckle when I hear him call from the bedroom, "Now this diaper [a Bum Genius] doesn't need a cover, right?"

My mother, though, I am pretty sure, would like to sabotage my efforts entirely. She is a wonderful, doting Grandmother and my baby sitter on occasion, so does does have to change the diapers, and I leave her the simplest most 'sposie-like diapers, but she hates it. Maybe one of these days I'll win her to my side. Funny thing is, she used the old-fashioned pins-and-rubber-pants type with me. I teased her the other day, "You'd better get used to it, I plan to give you a passel of grand-kids." I will be tickled pink if someday she tries to convert someone else to cloth.

That's wonderful! And ITA until I had a friend educate me about cloth I had NO idea there was a world beyond plastic pants, gerber prefolds and pins.

It took DH a year to fully appreciate CD. At first he had the same reaction - a great big NO WAY. I dug in anyway and started with two dipes and it grew from there. He accepted shortly that this is what we were going to do. Since I do 99% of changes he had no real choice. He really got it when DD chose her fluffy soft dipes over sposies.

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