April 5, 2010

Diapering a Newborn, Part 1

As most of you probably already know, we're expecting a baby boy in June. I've been happily gathering all types of diapers, getting ready for a lot of testing! I'm testing all types of diapers and a lot of different brands. I thought you might like a sneak peak at what I have so far!From left to right, top row: six BumGenius bamboo fitteds (now discontinued by manufacturer), 4 Spooky Kitty Collective fitteds (been saving these forever), Happy Heiny mini OneSize and a regular OneSize, Osocozy AIO, Thirsties Fitted, Monkey Doodlez AIO, 6 Indian prefolds, 1 bamboo prefold.

Middle row: Knickernappies hemp fitted (available by custom-order at www.hyenacart.com/knickernappies), 3 Snap-Ez AIOs, Smartipants OneSize, Rumpster AIO, a wahm-pocket diaper, and a Wahmies OneSize.

Bottom row: 2 Cloth Canoe fitteds, Apple Cheeks cover, wahm-made fitted, Drybees AIO, Drybees Fleece AIO.

Not shown because I forgot about them: Flip diaper and Econobum.

Still to come: all the brands we actually carry! I will be adding Knickernappies 2G, Knickernappies OneSize, all the BumGenius products, Thirsties covers, Gro Baby, Wahmies bamboo fitteds, Fuzzi Bunz perfect fit, Fuzzi Bunz OneSize, Kissaluvs fitteds, and Sposoeasy AIOs.

Total diaper count so far for the newborn and small sizes: 37 diapers, including the prefolds.

How many of these are OneSize and will last into bigger sizes: 3
How many fitteds (requiring a cover): 15
How many covers: so far just one

How many are leftover from our daughter: none, exactly, though several of them have been purchased years ago and kept in storage (7)

Is this way more than a new baby needs? Yes! It absolutely more than most new babies will require, but most of them are for testing. What I like will show up eventually in our store. The ones I don't like...well, you'll never hear about them again!


I love my thirsties! I have a fab fitted and a few covers :)

Will you be testing any rumparooz? I'm curious about those. The one size are supposed to fit smaller than most.

What an enviable stash Heather! Enjoy your newborn diapering journey!!

I would like to try Rumparooz. I love the platinum color! I may also try Katydid, though I dislike that those are made in China.

Those are TOO CUTE! I haven't looked at our newborn diapers in a while, but that picture makes me want to go upstairs and pull them out just to admire how adorable and small they are. :) Congrats on the new baby to come!

Laura K. Cowan