March 10, 2010

Using Cloth Wipes, Part 2: Out & About

Part 2: OUT & ABOUT

Many moms find using cloth wipes out and about more challenging. I think this is due to carrying moistened wipes and trying to stock fresh wipes before each outing. It’s either that or finding yourself with a dirty baby and musty smelling wipes. Yuck!
My solution is to keep a small wet bag (or cosmetic bag or any small bag) in your diaper bag. Stock it with 8-10 dry wipes and a small squirt bottle of wipe solution or water. Then, moisten wipes as needed. Wet or dirty wipes go in to a bigger wet bag with your dirty diapers to be washed at home. Dry wipes go back into the small bag. Note: Planet Wise now makes a set that contains 10 wipes inside a wet's perfect!

This method makes using cloth wipes out & about much easier. The only catch is to remember to restock with dry wipes occasionally, which you’d have to do with disposable wipes anyway.
Article written by Heather Hicks. Copywrite CDO, LLC. All rights reserved.


I don't use cloth wipes out and about, just at home, but I wanted to mention (for moms of very littles) that before too long most kids will stop making the really messy diapers unless they're at home. I think it has to do with being someplace they are comfortable. My youngest (for the moment) is 19 months and I can't even remember the last time she had a dirty diaper outside our house or grandma's house.

Thanks so much for the info! I'm loving my Planet Wise mini bags! One is for mama cloth and the other is for travel wipes. They work like a charm!