March 1, 2010

A peak inside someone else's diaper stash!

Over time, we built a cloth diaper stash of all types, shapes and sizes. We tried different kinds to see which would work best for our family, and then discovered they were really best for just one daughter while the next daughter needed some with a different fit. We borrowed diapers, bought used and shopped clearance.

With our fourth baby on the way, I realized I had no idea how many newborn diapers we had and how many that would leave us for our toddler. I needed an inventory. I dug through all our drawers, boxes and bags, pulling out all the diapers and cataloguing them. Then I searched through my files and online to find the recommended weights for each diaper and cover. I devoted a few hours to the task, but can now just update my list when we purchase new diapers. (It would have been a lot easier if I’d recorded the ranges when I purchased the diapers, instead of a year later after so many had been replaced by new and improved versions.)

An inventory can be complex. I included purchase dates and prices (so I can assess their longevity and value for our family) and pictures (so I can easily print a “cheat sheet” for separating baby’s diapers from sister’s diapers). I also designed a graph in Excel to show the recommended weights so I can easily filter to see which diapers should fit each of my children. I’m a cloth-diaper-loving nerd!

Simplicity, though, is just as valuable. A little list of the number of diapers and their size ranges for a diverse collection can be a great benefit to a family that is hoping to cloth diaper more than one child.

--Written by Kansas Mom


Its good to stash Cloth Diapers as one never knows how many a baby will need