March 8, 2010

How to Use Cloth Wipes, part 1: At Home

I'm often asked about using cloth wipes. I've written a comprehensive article all about wipes. It'll be a three-part series for our blog, so stay tuned for the next two segments. (Written by Heather Hicks and copywrite CDO, LLC)

Part One: AT HOME
Keep 5-6 wet cloth wipes in a plastic container at your changing station. I use an old disposable wipes container, but anything will work fine. I like having the wipes almost dripping, but not actually have standing water in the container. You can moisten the wipes with either a Wipe Solution or plain water.

Keeping just a few wet at a time ensures you’ll use all of the wipes before they turn musty. No matter how natural disposable wipes claim to be, they always have a preservative; they have to or they’d be really stinky once we buy them! Cloth wipes do not have any chemicals whatsoever, making them great for baby’s skin but they last only a day or two with plain water, and just 3-4 days with a wipe solution, before they start to smell funny.

On a nearby shelf, within arm’s reach, keep a stack of dry wipes. Next to it, have a bottle of wipe solution or water handy. This way, you can easily moisten more wipes to be ready for the next diaper change. Or, if you have a really nasty diaper and you use all of your pre-moistened wipes, you can wet more right away without leaving your baby’s side.

Dirty wipes can go into the diaper pail with cloth diapers and be washed right along with diapers. If you don’t use cloth diapers, you can wash your cloth wipes with towels, baby clothing, etc.
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I find that an empty baby shampoo bottle makes a great container for my wipes solution! Holds more than enough to get a few wipes good and wet if I run out of prepped ones!

Yeah this is what I do too. I love using cloth wipes as I find them so much easier to handle than disposables.

Isn't that funny how once you use cloth diapers, cloth wipes are actually so much easier to use? Plus they do a much better job of cleaning up messes.

I just started to use homemade cloth wipes and foiund this article you wrote on it--thanks! You saved me from filling a whole wipes container with cloths wipes and ending up with smelly musty ones a couple days later! I have been putting my wipes solution in a jar and just keeping it on the changing table--works great! :)