March 21, 2010

Eliminating Diaper Stinks and Stains – Naturally!

I have such an impressive sense of smell that my darling partner has nicknamed me 'Dog Nose'. It's hardly an affectionate pet name (pun intended) but I must say it is quite accurate. I can sniff out even the faintest of scents and, as you may imagine, it's both a blessing and a curse.

So it's easy to see why a stinky pail of diapers would just not work in my house. Even a slight continual odor would send my nostrils haywire and render me unable to concentrate on my daily activities. And it's not just 'bad' smells that I can detect with ease, I experience a negative sensory overload with almost all types of synthetic perfumes, air-fresheners or cleaning products so it's not possible to just mask the scent with a spray. With all this in mind I have devised a diapering system that is naturally sweet smelling and relatively odor-free.

I use a wet pail system for wet diapers, with a separate dry basket for covers and pockets. In the wet pail I put a few drops of lavender or tea tree essential oil, whilst the dry pail get's sprinkled with Fluff Dust if the smell of urine ever gets out of hand. Soiled diapers get their own small covered pail and are washed thoroughly at the end of the day before being added to the main pail and all are washed the following morning.

I also put a couple of drops of essential oils in my washing machine too which works remarkably well at giving the 'dipes' a sweet scent. It's really important to use only pure and undiluted oils rather than just fragrant ones or those already mixed with a carrier oil.

Another thing I find that helps eliminate stinks is to line-dry my wash. A warm breeze wafting through the line all day gives the diapers, covers, inserts and wipes a fresh fragrance that can not be replicated by anything artificial.

The line-drying also has another great benefit – the removal of stains. I am blessed to be living in a climate which has plenty of sunshine and have found that the sun is the best stain removal system ever – natural and free! So if you too have sunny weather, hang out your diapers in the sunlight and watch even the most stubborn looking stains disappear with ease.

I love cloth diapering and enjoy making it as sweet smelling and simple as possible!


line drying in the sun is the BEST! I love it! those stains don't stand a chance. not looking forward to our cold snowy winters...