February 26, 2010

The Joy of Snappi Fasteners

So there I was...a first time Mama with my newborn baby, overwhelmed with learning how to handle this little being who had just popped into my life. Everything about her seemed so tiny and fragile and I felt so inexperienced in everything! I searched for instructions on all the daily routines– how to bathe, dress and hold her properly and I practiced each one with extreme caution. To further add to my stress I also had to pin my prefold diapers to fit her little body and this was a nerve-wracking event that happened all to often in a day.

Thankfully, like most new mothers, I quickly became more confident in all of these things and was soon adept at maneuvering my baby from one activity to the next. By my own estimations I was even super skilled at using the pins on the diapers. (This was quite an accomplishment since they were almost blunt and needed to be threaded through the diaper a few times before they would really hold it in place)

Yet as skilled as I thought I was, my expertise was continually being challenged as each day my initially immobile newborn got more and more active. By the time she was seven months old it was a major challenge to avoid sticking the pin into her wriggling body and I'm sure my stress hormones increased at every diaper change. In addition, no-one else would go anywhere near the pins so I was stuck changing every single diaper. Thankfully it was at this time that the humble, yet life-transforming Snappi Fastener entered our lives!

Snappi's are truly a modern day genius invention that allow you to fasten a cloth diaper on the outside without using any pins. The fastener grips in three places on the diaper – left, right and the centre - to give an easy and secure hold that really is as easy as 1-2-3. I am so grateful to the inventor, Hennie Visser, who was obviously as fed-up of the pins as I was and decided that he had to create a simpler alternative. His original prototype was made with wood and tin and after the idea was successful he went into production with a polyester based polyurethane. Today, millions of Snappi's have been sold throughout the world.

In these days of ever-increasing technology and complexity it's nice to know that there are still some really simple things that can have a major impact on our lives. Even Daddy started changing diapers after we got Snappi's! So my advice to all prefold using parents out there is to make your life easier and ensure you have a selection of Snappi's in the changing bag.