January 27, 2010

Saving Money Where You Can

When our first child, Noah, was born, my husband & I knew we wanted our kids in cloth diapers. We had no idea that the economy was changing & how much we would benefit from this decision. For his first 3 months of life we had Noah in disposable diapers we had received at my baby shower. Once these ran out, we found ourselves paying $20 every 10 days or so for new diapers (which each time is the price of 1 cloth diaper). We only bought 3-4 packages of disposables before we went all cloth. Our first purchase was 19 bumGenius One-Size diapers for under $350. At the rate we were buying the disposables, we had broken even with the cloth in well under a year.

Noah did end up outgrowing the bumGenius before he was potty-trained but after almost 2 years in cloth, my husband & I decided we could handle it & went the most economical way to cloth diaper & bought a full set of pre-fold diapers & 5 Thirsties covers for under $97. Even with purchasing the bumGenius and the prefolds, we were still under the cost for a years worth of disposables.

When our second child, Gianna, was born last March, we knew we wanted her in but the bumGenius we had from Noah were still a little big. We bought a full set of prefolds with covers for her for another $85. We also went one step farther & decided on cloth wipes & Baby Bits diaper solution (we are still on the first box!) for her.

All in all we spent a total of $532 on cloth diapers for our kids. And although it might sound like a lot of money up front, it is nothing compared to the approximately $2,500 it would have cost us to have our kids in disposables. Plus, look at all the room we've saved in the landfills for everyone else's diapers!
--written by Melissa Z.


Yes it's amazing how much cloth saves in both money and the landfill space. Good for you for going cloth!