January 3, 2010

Cloth Diapering for Newborns

With my first baby, I intended to use cloth from day one. However when she was born at a petit 6lb 2oz I was dismayed to find out that our limited supply of small prefolds did not fit and I had to wait a few months before the cloth journey began in earnest. When pregnant with my second baby I was determined to get supplies in place to use cloth from birth and in trying out a range of items I have learned a few things about cloth diapering for newborns. Here's a quick review of my newborn selection:

Prefolds – I bought the super small preemie prefolds which were the perfect fit for my little boy, born at 7lbs 7oz but they only lasted about 3 weeks before he was ready for the small prefolds. However , they still come in useful as doublers and inserts in pocket dipes. Prefolds are a great choice for those on a budget and they are easy to use, clean and dry.

Kissaluvs size 0 – This is a fitted diaper which is super soft and keeps wetness away from the baby well. The thickness of these dipes does mean that they take a long time to dry naturally even in hot sunshine so are best suited to dry climates or homes with a tumble dryer. The small size of these means that babies will grow out of them fast but they are worth it even for a short time.

One Size Pocket Diapers – These are truly the jewel in the crown when it comes to cloth diapering newborns. I was amazed at the way one diaper could fit both my week old baby and my 15 month toddler. Thus the one-sizers are a huge cash saver. Pockets are also fab as they can soak a lot of moisture during those times when the sleepy newborn takes those 'long' 3 hour naps and great for night time.

Fuzzi Bunz Extra Small Pocket – This sweet newborn size pocket is absolutely adorable! I found that my little one did grow out of it fast and in this sense the one-sizers are better value but it fits a newborn so snugly that it is perfect for a tiny baby. Even when the outer pocket no longer fits, the insert can be used to pad up prefolds or other pockets.

Doublers – these are essential items to increase absorbancy in both prefolds and pockets. I tried Kissaluvs Doublers which come in lovely colours, are tapered to give a good fit and work a treat. My favourites are the Knickernappies Doublers which, with the microfleece side up, wick the wetness away from baby's bottom and leave them feeling as dry as they would in a disposable.

Thirsties Covers and Duo Wraps – I am a huge fan of Thirsties covers and I love the Duo Wraps even more. The small size can be used for a newborn from 6lbs and can fit babies up to 18lbs making them excellent value for money.

I'm having a great time cloth diapering my little ones and I hope you will too!