December 17, 2009

Cloth vs. Disposable: Hitting you in the wallet!

My grocery store is offering a special on diapers this week - bonus points for Club Card holders. I collect the points almost obsessively (they come in very handy for free groceries) so I figured what's the harm? I'll just check out the price on the size that my 7-month-old son would be wearing. The cheapest ones there were $25.99 for a pack of 120. So I did some thinking:

My son is now 224 days old. Assuming an average of, say, 8 diapers a day up to this point (a fairly reasonable average, I think), he would have gone through a whopping 1792 diapers. That's 15 packages of the "economy" ones. That's almost $400.00. Assuming that he stays in diapers until the age of, say, 28 months (a VERY young age for potty training, when compared to the average in North America), we would have spent $1600.00 on diapers. And THAT'S assuming that we went with the very cheapest ones available, rather than the "big name" brands.

Instead, I have purchased: 30 prefolds, 5 covers, 19 one-size pockets, and 10 all-in-ones, and I have spent a total of about $600.00. I don't anticipate needing to spend any more on diapers before he's out of them - that's the beauty of one-size (particularly now that many are coming with warantees - like Knickernappies - or replacement elastic - like FuzziBunz). That's a savings of $1000, which sounds pretty darn good this time of year!

So, I didn't buy the diapers. Instead, I do an extra load of wash every second or third day. After all, I do have a baby - it's not as though there would have been a day without laundry in my foreseeable future anyways!

--written by Alannah F.