July 29, 2009

The Cloth Diaper That Is Almost Too Good!

The majority of my cloth diaper stash is made up of prefolds but a few months ago I started using pocket diapers for night times with great success. When I needed a couple extra, I decided to take advantage of the Cloth Diaper Outlet sampler pack and try the four different pocket diapers. I figured that the extras would also be useful for the infrequent times by baby is not with me and cared for by Daddy or Grandma who still find performing the prefold origami on our wriggling one-year old a near impossible feat!

After just one wash and dry decided to leave a bundle of three pocket diapers with my Grandmother to use on my baby while I went for a dentist appointment. I know that the absorbency of the inserts increases after several washes but I thought I’d try them anyway. I also left her a stack of prefolds for when they ran out.

When I returned I noticed that surprisingly my girl was in the last of the pockets and they had not yet moved on to the prefolds. My girl usually makes a whole lot of wet dipes in a day so I was concerned that she had not been changed enough. My Grandmother explained that our girl had felt dry all afternoon and she only made the last change because she knew I would be checking up! She said she even left the last diaper on the bed for me to see how dry it was.

I felt the diaper in question, the Knickernappies 2G, and it was, indeed very dry to the touch. I was a bit worried about this lack of wetness and even though my Grandmother is the most excellent care giver I could ever wish for, I quizzed her a little on how much she had given baby to drink! I then hypothesised that the dryness was due to the absence of breastfeeding that afternoon.

So I gathered everything together and went to sort out my diaper pail and basket. On pulling out the insert I realised that it was heavy and soaking wet! The amazing Loopy Do insert had drawn all the away wetness from my baby’s bottom giving the appearance on the surface that she was completely dry! I’m sure this was a better sense of dryness than even disposables can claim to get. I was extra pleased to have this diaper a few days ago when we got stuck in a traffic jam and my baby was sleeping. At the end of the journey she was very comfortable. I’ll definitely be getting more of these types of diapers as they are almost too good to be true!

--Written by Terri Henry