July 18, 2009

If you give a mother some cereal...

If you give a mother some cereal, she's going to want to refill the cereal jar.
When she refills the jar, the box will be empty.
She'll want to recycle it.
When she takes the box outside to the recycling bin, she'll realize the sprinkler in the backyard needs to be moved.
When she goes to move the sprinkler, she'll realize the backyard has been watered enough and she'll want to water the front yard instead.
When she takes the sprinkler out front, she'll realize all the flowers need watered.
When she waters the flowers, she'll want to pull weeds.
When she's done pulling weeds, she'll want to wash her hands.
When she washes her hands, she'll realize her cereal bowl is still sitting empty on the counter. She'll want to fill it and add milk.
She'll empty the milk carton and then she'll want to recycle it.

See where this is going? I still haven't eaten breakfast!

July 15, 2009

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