April 29, 2009

Waiting for the internet to catch up to me

I'm working late tonight, trying to fix our gift registry module. It has issues. :) My program is slow tonight, though, so while I wait, I thought I'd drop a line here.

Nighttime diapering...this can be a tough one for some families to solve. Almost all the time, the solution is more absorbancy. Leaking out the sides? Add another insert. Leaking out the top? Add another insert. Leaking out the leg? Well, you can email me on that one! That might be a stripping issue, might need another insert. You get my point!

But all these inserts can make for a thick, bulky diaper. Chances are, it won't bother your baby a bit, but it looks uncomfortable and who knows, maybe it is. SuperDo inserts are a great option. They're very absorbant (after several washings) and yet fairly trim. Much trimmer than many of the ideas I've tried. Heavywetters may still need another insert, our favorite is Just-Hemp. A Just-Hemp and SuperDo together can last our heavywetting 3-year-old all night long.

April 28, 2009

Bleach and cloth diapers: Yay or Nay?

Have you ever seen PUL after it's been through a mild bleaching a few dozen times? It's not a pretty sight. It actually DISSOLVES the PUL. So hold the bleach and try Bac-Out instead. :)

(BumGenius is the exception. They still say 1/4 cup bleach once a month is okay with their diapers and they back this up with their warranty.)

April 27, 2009

Gro Baby diapers

I am so excited to have the new Gro Baby diapers. If you haven't seen these yet, they're really a great concept.

They are an all-in-two onesize diaper. This means they are onesize-fits-most and they come in two pieces...a "shell" and a snap-in soaker. The great part is that when the soaker is dirty, simply unsnap it and snap in a fresh one. I do recommend rotating shells so they have a chance to dry out first, but really, you could get through a whole day's diapering with just 3-4 shells and as many soakers as needed. This great reduces the price for a premium diapering system.

Here's an example:
Buy 6 "shell sets" - $24.95 each = 149.70
Buy 6 soaker pad sets (2 per set) - $16.95 each = 101.70
Total = 6 covers, 18 soaker pads, 2 days worth of diapering, only $251.40 WOW!

That's cheaper than just about any other brand of modern diaper on the market.

The weight range is the standard 8-35 pounds, but I do think these fit a little on the smaller side. I've seen them on a 6 lb baby and they look great. They do not fit my 37 lb daughter at all. But I think for the majority of your diapering years, these will fit really nicely and be a fabulous diaper.

More details: all natural, organic cotton against baby's skin. Snag-proof velcro (like no other diaper!), easy fit and rise adjustment.

Best of all, we have four of these diapers to give away to lucky winners!
Simply place an order from now until May 25, post on the blog (make sure I have access to your email address!), email me about why you want to try a Gro Baby, or spread the word! Blog about Cloth Diaper Outlet and send me the link. Send an email to your friends, etc. Any of these will get you entered to win a free Gro Baby shell set!