April 23, 2009

Diapers We Love - a customer's story

by Christina C.

Before our daughter was born I assembled a stash of about 26 different diapers. I admit it was a little compulsive, but I wanted to try everything. She soon grew out of those small diapers and as we moved up a size I consolidated our stash to our favorites for each of our three basic diaper needs.

Our “Hanging Around the House” diaper is Bum Genius bamboo fitted. It’s what I use 80% of the time. This diaper is amazing. It has never leaked. Not when she took a 5 hour nap, not when she let 3 days of poop loose all at once. It is soft and fluffy and I love putting it on her little bottom! Being a fitted diaper it does need a cover, but I think the two-part system is why we never have leaks – it’s hard to get past two barriers!

Our “Out and About” diaper is the SposoEasy All in One. This diaper is fabulously quick and easy to use, no matter where we are or who’s doing the changing. I’ve had a couple minor leaks in the SposoEasys but nothing that compares to the “blowout” stories of my friends using disposables.

Our “Nighttime Diaper” is a Happy Hempy pocket fitted, stuffed with a Loopy Do insert. This diaper has serious absorbency. Good thing, because it has to last 10 hours! I like the fleece lining, because our daughter sleeps deeper when she feels dry. Yes, these are fitted diapers and they need a cover, but remember what I said about the two layer system? We cosleep, and mama never has to wake up to wet sheets. Wonderful.

I’m glad we tried different diapers at first, because now we have a great, dependable system. Experimentation works!

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April 21, 2009

How I learned to love cloth diapering

by Nicole Hinden

I like my cloth diapers. In fact, friends tease me about how much I enjoy changing diapers and my family thinks I am speaking another language or starting a new career when they see updates like “Fluffy mail!” or “Stripping!” on my Facebook page, but it wasn’t always such a great relationship. In fact, even though I was determined to make cloth work, it wasn’t until 2 months into our foray that really LOVED cloth.

I decided to cloth diaper for a few reasons: 1) Saving money (though my husband thinks that is debatable) 2) Helping the environment and 3) It is darn cute!! However, my fantasies of a little fluffy butt cradled in my arms were not exactly what happened in reality. We had stink issues and leak issues. My husband was disgusted and I was disappointed—this was supposed to be the best option, why was it so hard? I was tempted to turn back to disposables but didn’t want to hear “I told you so” from my friends and family. So I got to work on figuring out what wasn’t working.

I figured out the stink issues first. A good stripping and my diapers were as good as new. Next I went into the leak issues; part of it was my skinny baby just wasn’t ready for a size small and would have been better served with newborns. The other part was figuring out what brand and type worked for me. And THAT is when I started to fall in love with cloth. Trying out new diapers and experiments with inserts and doublers was fun! My post-baby body was not ready for a shopping trip but my baby’s body looked cute in EVERYTHING!

I quickly realized pockets were the best fit for both my baby and my lifestyle. Since then, I have enjoyed exploring different brands and types of pockets, including pocket AIOs, Work at Home Moms, and different types of inserts. Maybe someday I’ll even be brave enough to try a fitted with a cover, but it is nice to finally find a system that works and enjoy shopping for cute diapers without worrying about the function.

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