February 27, 2009

My #1 favorite diapering product?

Excluding diapers and inserts, what is my #1 favorite diapering product?

Hard question! But I think it would be Mama Rose's Magic Touch diaper balm. Not only is this a diaper cream specifically made for use with cloth diapers (so it's safe and washes out easily) but it's made by an herbalist. It's mostly organic, all-natural, and very good for tender baby skin. It smells good, isn't greasy, and has more uses than just diaper cream. Like lip balm! I've also used it on chaffed skin, sore noses, and scrapes. And it comes in three sizes! 1/4 oz is perfect for the diaper bag, 2 oz is great for home, and the 4 oz is a nice big size that will last a very long time. Starting at just $3, it's very affordable!

February 23, 2009

Fuzzi Bunz Onesize are officially here!

The Fuzzi Bunz Onesize diapers just came in the door. They are officially here and ready for shipping! You'll love this diaper, I think. The inserts are the best quality microfiber inserts on the market...4 thick layers, yet easy to wash and dry. The fleece on our diaper has stayed buttery soft after several washings. I'm excited and honored to be one of the first retailers to have this diaper!