September 5, 2009

My thoughts on pockets

My thoughts on pockets. I love them. I love the stay dry aspect. All the ones I've tried are dry to the touch and I have to pull the insert out to feel that he's wet! I don't mind stuffing them and I don't mind pulling out wet inserts. It's just baby pee. My baby's pee to be exact. I love that you can customize absorbency as well. I've tried a few and these are my thoughts on them.

Happy Heiny's- I absolutely LOVE the cow print and also the monkey print. These are favorites of my six year old daughter (which is really important...LOL!). I have both snaps and velcro and like each one for different reasons. Snaps because they don't cause diaper chains in my dryer, velcro because its a bit more adjustable and easier to put on a baby who is attempting a fast break. They fit my chunky thighed baby well and work great for the daytime. I haven't had as much luck with them at night, but I think that might be an insert issue. I plan on ordering a SuperDo to try in them.

Knickernappies One Size-I love that these are made in Oregon (where I'm from) and I like the smooth front. I have a hard time getting the snaps on the side adjusted, but they do fit well and we haven't had a leak with them. I think with time I might get better at the side snaps. I have had good luck with rise snaps not popping open. They come with two fantastic inserts-the LoopyDos and we LOVE those. They absorb really well! They are such a great value because they come with two inserts and I've had great luck using the smaller LoopyDo to boost absorbancy for nighttime or inside a pocket if we are just hanging out at home and I know I will change him relatively soon.

FuzziBunz-No complaints on these at all. I have a very big 6 mo old and he fits on the tightest setting, so these will last us until potty learning. The one I have has been washed tons of times and it still looks brand new. I haven't tried them at night, but I'm guessing with the right inserts, they would be great!

--witten by Krista B.


I love my FB and I use them over night and they work just fine :)