August 4, 2009

Velcro or Snaps?

With all the cloth diaper options out there, it is tough to decide what will work best. Choosing between snap and Velcro closure is no exception. I am a big fan of both and each kind has its advantages & disadvantages.

In my opinion, Velcro is the faster, easier choice & I’ve found that other family members (even my husband) and day care providers prefer these. The Velcro is more closely constructed to disposable diapers & getting a good tight fit is generally pretty easy. If you aren’t going to be the only one changing baby’s diaper, then it might be a good idea to keep some Velcro diapers in your stash.

While snap diapers may not be quite as fast to get on, they are better choice for longevity. Velcro tends to wear out faster with all the washing that the diapers require. If you are hoping to use your diapers for multiple children, snaps are probably the way to go. Snaps are also better for sneaky little fingers that like to take diapers off as it is not as easy to get the snaps apart as it is Velcro.

Both kinds of diapers are wonderful & the most important thing to remember is that no matter what kind of cloth diaper you use, it will always be better than disposables J

--Written by Missy Zanotto


I can see how the snaps will last for more children, but don't think getting snaps will keep your kids from taking off their diapers. My older daughter learned how to undo those snaps before she was 18 months. My youngest has learned to take her velcro diaper covers off at 12 months.

Of course, any family can tell stories of kids taking disposable diapers off, usually when there's a houseful of guests. We've been there, too.

For toddlers who take off diapers, the best ones are side-snapping diapers. They're the toughest to figure out! Also, Happy Heiny diapers can actually be worn backwards. These are the only diapers I know of that can be worn backwards, but I've done it so I know it works.

I've been using diapers with velcro and I absolutely hate them! They wear out so fast (even with hang drying) and they can really hurt and leave red marks on me and baby's skin. I'm now in the process of spending more money on snaps. Hopefully I won't have anymore problems.

I wanted to comment on velcro, it's noisy!!! If you think there is a chance that you can do a few diaper changes on a newborn without waking the baby, think again! The velcro will wake baby everytime! For the newborn days I'd go with snaps, after that go with whatever is easier. I just remember having a VERY crabby baby when I started ripping that diaper open.