August 31, 2009

My Cloth Diaper Journey - A "newbie" perspective

Right now I'm at the beginning and really loving it. I bought one (or a couple in some cases) of every kind and am starting to see there are positives and negatives to each kind of diaper and within that positives and negatives in each brand. This is my take on it so far.

Bum Genius: They stay dry to the touch, even at night. I love this part. They work great at night when stuffed with a Loopy Do, even for my nursing all night supper soaker. They are made out of a soft and comfy waterproof material that is soft to the touch. I could see how these would be perfect for people who are not positive they want to cloth diaper or for daycare/grandparents/reluctant partners. They do take some time to dry, though, so I turn them inside out so the soaker inside dries. I love that you can stuff these with extra absorbency at night, but they work fine alone for the day. The only problem I'm having is they seem to be a bit smaller than my other mediums and I don't think they' will last my chunky monkey as long. They don't come in snaps and I often end up with diaper chains in my wash and dryer, but usually from other diapers attaching to them.

Bum Genius Organic: I love the snaps. I love the onesize aspect and the fact that the snaps stay shut when trying to put them on my son. I love the fact that they are organic cotton. I'm not as big a fan of the fact that they are wet to the touch (though my son doesn't seem to mind) and they take a really, really long time to dry. They would make a very simple diapering system if you are interested in only cotton by your child's skin and had enough for the extra drying time.

SposoEasy: Like the organic aspect. I prefer the snaps over the velcro. These are easy, quick, convenient and dry a lot faster than the BG ones. The soaker is only attached at one end, so they don't have to be turned inside out to dry either. I haven't had luck with these overnight, but for days and for tossing in the diaper bag, these are great!

GroBaby System: Very soft to the touch, wonderful velcro, great snaps. I could see how someone might like this system with the ease of just snapping liners in and out. These would be pretty economical and would work for one-sized diapers as the snaps are awesome and don't pop open when I put them on him. I like variety, though, and I think this is best suited for someone who just wants one system and nothing else.

--written by Krista B.