July 7, 2009

Cloth Diapering Out & About

When I began my cloth diaper journey I was able to manage perfectly at home. However as soon as we left the house I found myself reaching for the disposables to ensure baby would stay dry on a car journey and because I was unwilling to carry around a whole set of wet, smelly diapers in my bag. Being committed to cloth diapering, I found this a very unsatisfying situation and I was determined to find a way to use cloth wherever and whenever.

To address the dryness issue I got some doublers, which increase the absorbency of diapers and are a great boost for car journeys or anytime very regular changes might not be possible. My favourites are the Knickernappies stay dry hemp doublers with hemp on one side and a microfleece on the other. When the fleece side is placed next to baby’s skin the moisture seeps right through and gives an amazing sensation of dryness that really is comparable to a disposable without all the chemicals involved!

Then to solve the carrying problem I invested in a Planet Wise Wet Bag. This fabulous bag seals in both wetness and odours and thus allows me to carry a whole day’s worth of wet, dirty diapers without anyone ever knowing! The bags are nicely designed and come in 3 sizes that are suitable for differing needs. I then bought a slightly bigger baby bag that was more suitable for the increased bulk of cloth diapers.
Another essential on-the-go diapering item is to use a liner, as they make flushing away poop simple and leave the diaper clean enough to tuck in the wet bag without making everything else mucky.

Whilst I do use my prefolds for some journeys, these can sometimes be more challenging to get on a wriggling baby in an unfamiliar tight space! Pocket diapers or All-in-Ones are a faster, easier option and are also especially good when someone else, unfamiliar with the origami of a prefold, has to change her.

So now with all these items in our changing bag I feel very happy that I can leave the house as a true ambassador for cloth diapers and show the world how great cloth is!

--written by Terri Henry