June 4, 2009

Knickernappies side-snap One Size Diapers

The new Knickernappies side-snap One Size Diapers are instock! We really love these diapers and here's why:

1. Side Snaps give a smooth tummy, no bulk across the stomach
2. Easier to pull pants on over side snap diapers
3. With a potty training toddler, these work great as training pants...pull up, pull down without unsnapping.
4. Durable snaps - with proper care, these will last for years
5. Side snaps are more difficult for a baby to undo
6. Wide weight range...8 lbs to 40 lbs (yes, really 40 lbs! Our daughter is a hair over 40 lbs and they still fit!)

Six colors - CHOCOLATE, light blue, raspberry, celery, butter, and turquoise

Two insert choices - microfiber or LoopyDo

All options are instock and shipping now. Quantity discounts apply. Free shipping for US orders over $50.