January 27, 2011

Daycare and cloth diapering

Guest post

Once I decided to go back to work, many people asked me what I would do with all my cloth diapers. I replied, “Use them, of course!” My stash is mainly compiled of pockets and AIOs, so I knew it wouldn’t be too hard for the wonderful women who care for my girls to catch on.

The first thing I did was talk to the director about accepting cloth diapering-- and I came prepared. I printed out literature from our local county health department explaining the acceptable uses and storage for cloth diapers in a child center. I also brought examples of cloth diapers, wipes and wetbags to show her exactly what would be used and how it wasn’t much different than the daycare’s policy of double-bagging disposable diapers. I went through step by step how I use diapers at home: from stuffing, to wearing to washing. She was pleasantly surprised at how evolved cloth diapering has become and said she didn’t see why it would be a problem.

The first day was a bit of a challenge. I composed my daycare stash of mainly pre-stuffed Bumgenius OS pockets with aplix. I did think about starting them out with disposable wipes, but figured I should just go for it and get it over with, as I prefer cloth wipes. I showed the morning teacher how easy it is to put on the diaper and just wrap the cloth wipe inside, rather than a 2 step process of tossing a paper wipe and then bagging a cloth diaper. They seemed a bit hesitant but definitely open-minded. I brought in 12 diapers and after 6 hours all 12 diapers were gone!!!! When I picked up my baby, she was in a spare disposable. The teachers complained the diapers were leaking! What happened?Turns out, the teachers got a bit confused and thought they had to unsnap the rise. My petite baby was now in a large sized pocket and just peeing through the legs. The teachers were also afraid to really tighten the aplix, so the large diaper was drooping right off of her. Luckily, they were game for another tutorial and the next day I was greeted with a fluffy-butted baby and smiles.

It’s only been 3 weeks but the teachers seem like old pros. They are now willing to pull out wet inserts (“We get peed on all the time”, one teacher said, “What’s the difference?”) and even plop poop into the toilet. I know not every daycare is as open-minded but I think a positive attitude, patience and the willingness to educate make a huge difference!
……….Next week maybe I’ll try snaps! ;)

Written by Nicole Hinden
Originally published June 29, 2009


This is a great post! You did a wonderful job of gentle education and patient explanations that yielded a very positive result. Well done!!

That is great! :)I am happy your daycare is willing to work with you!

Awesome! I do in home daycare and encourage parents to bring cloth (although no one has yet).

Oh my gosh, this is so funny that you posted this!I just did a post releasing the current statistics on best daycare diapers based on close to fifty survey responses. You can check it out at http://paddedtushstats.blogspot.com
I am DETERMINED to find a good daycare diaper!

I'm so very thankful my son's daycare provider is open to our cloth diapering. She does a great job and never complains about dumping poop! We did have one minor issue at first when I forgot to tell her never to use regular diaper creams and I had to scrub and scrub one of our diapers to remove the rash cream she had used. After that I supplied cloth diaper safe cream for her and all has been well! :)