May 7, 2009

Wipes - what's the difference?

After you've switched to cloth diapering, inevitably the question comes up: What about cloth wipes?

Many moms find cloth wipes are actually easier to use. If you've used disposables diapers and wipes, then you're already used to wrapping the dirty wipe into the dirty diaper and tossing it in the trash. You can do the same with cloth only it goes into the diaper pail to be washed. Washing everything together is easy to do and saves even more money than just using cloth diapers.

But when you shop for wipes, there are so many choices! Here's the lowdown:

Velour - very soft, can be pastel or bright colors, usually cotton (Thirsties, Velour Wipes)

Fleece - very soft, does not stain easily, white, can be harder to wipe up breastfed poo, polyester (Thirsties)

Sherpa - thick cotton, white or natural color usually, cleans up the worst messes easily (Velour wipes, Knickernappies, Wahmies)

Flannel - cotton, cute prints, great for a mini-bath (Knickernappies, Wahmies)

Bamboo - very soft, stays soft, usually natural color, thin like Gerber washclothes (BumGenius)

What are my favorites? The flannel & sherpa Knickernappies wipes! I have all of these in our stash, but the flannel & sherpa wipes are my favs.


I glad you brought this up. It is my biggest trouble w/ cloth diapering. I really want to use cloth wipes. But my daughter is so sensitive. I find that the wipes dry don't work well, and if they are slightly damp, she is quick to get diaper rash. Also, I most use Bumgenius, so I don't know what I can use to get the wipes wet that is safe to wash with my diaper. Sorry this is so long, just looking for some tips. Thanks!!!

I love my cloth wipes. I also have the Knickernappies ones and they work much better than other ones I've tried. I've used two different solutions (Baby Bits and Baby Bum Drops) and have been pleased with both. I've also read recipes online for making your own, which is what my sister-in-law did when her daughter was so sensitive.

Kim, have you tried wiping with a wet one and then drying with a dry one before putting the fresh diaper on? Just wondering if that would work.

Thank you for your question Kim! And thanks to Kansas Mom for a good response. I'll post another Wipes blog and describe what worked for us. :)

I love my cloth wipes. My son has a very sensitive bum and is prone to rashes. All I do is wet the cloth with water and wipe and toss in my diaper pail. I also pat his bum dry with a dry wipe. I have also found that this works WAY better than any disposable wipe I have ever used. So far I haven't found a wipe solution that I like, but I liked what Kansas mom said. I will look into those.