May 22, 2009

New Onesize Diaper coming soon!

Introducing a new OneSize diaper!

Knickernappies OneSize Diapers are a side-snapping pocket diaper. OneSize with four rise adjustments (small, medium short, medium, and large), side snaps, and they come with TWO inserts! You have your choice of two microfiber inserts or two LoopyDo inserts, all made in the USA!

We use this diaper on our 40 lb almost-4 year old at night and it does beautifully. 40 lbs is the upper weight range, but I've seen the diaper on 8 lb newborns and it looks great on these tiny babies.

Made with top quality materials and the best possible workmanship, Knickernappies OneSize Diapers are the perfect onesize diaper. Made with snaps instead of velcro, these diapers will last several years with proper care.

Set to release by June 1

Diaper with 2 microfiber inserts = $18.95
Diaper with 2 LoopyDo inserts = $24.95

Quantity discounts will be available.
We will have all 6 colors instock in both insert options.