May 9, 2009

More About Cloth Wipes

Lots of questions on the cloth wipes!

Here are some things that worked well for us:

At Home - we made up a batch of wipe solution in a squirt bottle (not a spray bottle--I didn't like using a spray bottle). Then we'd wet down a few wipes, maybe 4-6, and keep them in a plastic wipes container. These were ready for immediate use. Then the bottle of solution (we used Baby Bits and I also love Baby Bum Drops) was kept next to a stack of dry wipes. This way, the wipes never had time to get smelly and we always had plenty of wipes in case of a really messy diaper.

Out and About - When we were out of the house, our routine changed just a little for cloth wipes. I kept a small wetbag with dry wipes and a 4 oz squirt bottle inside. At changing time, I wet one or two wipes. The rest were always dry. This way, they didn't get smelly in the diaper bag and I didn't have to worry about running out of wipes or keeping them fresh. Dirty wipes went into the bigger wetbag along with the dirty diapers.

All of the wipes solutions that we carry are fine to use with any brand of diaper. The essential oils that are used are in such tiny amounts that it doesn't hurt anything, and most of the EOs used are diaper-safe anyway. Plain water works well, too. If your baby has very sensitive skin, then the Northern Essense TTO/Lav-Free is great. It has no tea tree oil or lavender oil so it's extra-gentle. The Baby Bits and Baby Bum Drops will last the longest and give the most for your money.


That's a great idea for going out with wipes. I haven't yet figured out a system for traveling with cloth wipes (they either leak all over my bag or get forgotten and stale) I can't wait to try that!