April 29, 2009

Waiting for the internet to catch up to me

I'm working late tonight, trying to fix our gift registry module. It has issues. :) My program is slow tonight, though, so while I wait, I thought I'd drop a line here.

Nighttime diapering...this can be a tough one for some families to solve. Almost all the time, the solution is more absorbancy. Leaking out the sides? Add another insert. Leaking out the top? Add another insert. Leaking out the leg? Well, you can email me on that one! That might be a stripping issue, might need another insert. You get my point!

But all these inserts can make for a thick, bulky diaper. Chances are, it won't bother your baby a bit, but it looks uncomfortable and who knows, maybe it is. SuperDo inserts are a great option. They're very absorbant (after several washings) and yet fairly trim. Much trimmer than many of the ideas I've tried. Heavywetters may still need another insert, our favorite is Just-Hemp. A Just-Hemp and SuperDo together can last our heavywetting 3-year-old all night long.


We solved our night-time leaks by decreasing our inserts. We were using two Just Hemp inserts with a SuperDo for my older daughter. Now we use one (with a SuperDo) and very rarely have a problem.

Daytime leaks are another issue altogether. I'm beginning to think the Knickernappies just don't fit my second daughter very well, which makes me sad because I love them so.

Over stuffing a diaper is a fairly common problem, so I'm glad you brought it up. It's a question I've learned to ask when a customer wonders how a diaper is leaking even with x, y, and z inserts. I once had a desperate mom using a prefold, a SuperDo, and a microfiber insert! I don't know how the diaper even held it all. Once she got rid of the prefold, her problems were solved. Sometimes it just takes experimentation!

I started using the SuperDo inserts at night on my son who just turned 3...I love them! He's daytime trained, but still wets pretty heavy at night since he sleeps 12 hours. We had leaking issues with everything else we tried until I broke down and bought a SuperDo. It worked so well, I bought two more without any hesitation. It was probably the best $ I've spent on cloth in months. These inserts are worth every penny.