April 21, 2009

How I learned to love cloth diapering

by Nicole Hinden

I like my cloth diapers. In fact, friends tease me about how much I enjoy changing diapers and my family thinks I am speaking another language or starting a new career when they see updates like “Fluffy mail!” or “Stripping!” on my Facebook page, but it wasn’t always such a great relationship. In fact, even though I was determined to make cloth work, it wasn’t until 2 months into our foray that really LOVED cloth.

I decided to cloth diaper for a few reasons: 1) Saving money (though my husband thinks that is debatable) 2) Helping the environment and 3) It is darn cute!! However, my fantasies of a little fluffy butt cradled in my arms were not exactly what happened in reality. We had stink issues and leak issues. My husband was disgusted and I was disappointed—this was supposed to be the best option, why was it so hard? I was tempted to turn back to disposables but didn’t want to hear “I told you so” from my friends and family. So I got to work on figuring out what wasn’t working.

I figured out the stink issues first. A good stripping and my diapers were as good as new. Next I went into the leak issues; part of it was my skinny baby just wasn’t ready for a size small and would have been better served with newborns. The other part was figuring out what brand and type worked for me. And THAT is when I started to fall in love with cloth. Trying out new diapers and experiments with inserts and doublers was fun! My post-baby body was not ready for a shopping trip but my baby’s body looked cute in EVERYTHING!

I quickly realized pockets were the best fit for both my baby and my lifestyle. Since then, I have enjoyed exploring different brands and types of pockets, including pocket AIOs, Work at Home Moms, and different types of inserts. Maybe someday I’ll even be brave enough to try a fitted with a cover, but it is nice to finally find a system that works and enjoy shopping for cute diapers without worrying about the function.

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