April 4, 2009

Beautiful Saturday afternoons

Today in the Willamette Valley of Oregon is a gorgeous day. Meant for hiking, kite flying, laying in the sun.

What are we doing? Cleaning the bathroom, packing orders, and answering emails! Our daughter is sick and while she feels okay at home, she gets overtired if we leave. It's just a minor cold and she'll be fine in a day or two, but that means we enjoy today's sunshine (so rare this time of year) from indoors. We will probably take a drive later so we can at least get out of the house a bit.
It's also a GREAT day for sunning diapers. Wash them first, then hang or lay in a sunny spot. By the time they're dry, any stains will be gone (as long as they're organic stains=poop). It's like magic and a great way to whiten and brighten your diapers.
This is an old-time picture borrowed from a blog I found on Google. If you'd like to send me your picture of drying diapers in the sun, I'll happily post it here instead!


Heather, as you likely know, today was a gorgeous day as well and I wet down the most stained of my diaper stash and tossed them in the sun. I didn't believe they would be totally gone but WOW, amazing how quick that works! Thanks for teaching me how, I wouldn't have known to put them out there wet...