February 16, 2009

Fuzzi Bunz Onesize, Drybees bamboo

I'd like to introduce two great new diapers...

Fuzzi Bunz Onesize - these aren't available yet at most retailers, but they are arriving at Cloth Diaper Outlet very soon! I have tested one of these on my 36 lb daughter and I can say this...no other onesize on the market will fit as long as these will. At 36 lbs, my daughter has PLENTY of room to grow, yet they fit her very well. Out of 8 elastic settings, she's probably on #5, so I can stretch these out for a long while yet. Plus she's on some of the smaller waist settings, so this diaper will easily fit her until 40 lbs. I'm so impressed with that! And better still, they're coming out with a new color: Apple Green! I love it...such a pretty color, good for boys or girls.

Drybees Gone Natural bamboo fitteds - These diapers arrived a couple of weeks ago. Immediately I was in love. They are incredibly soft and since they're made from bamboo velour, they'll stay this soft wash after wash. They are available in two sizes: a tiny size for newborns and a onesize for infant through potty training. Made from undyed bamboo velour, stitched with rainbow thread, these are great for both boys and girls. They do require a cover, but since these diapers will last for years, you'll love the investment.

Drybees are instock now and ready to ship. Fuzzi Bunz will be available very soon. I won't open up for ordering until they've actually shipped to me, so watch this blog or the website for more information!