January 13, 2009

Kittens in her tummy

Camille is enthralled with the idea of our pregnancy. A couple of weeks ago she announced that she, too, is pregnant. With kittens. Five of them to be exact. Some days her tummy hurts because of the kittens in her tummy. On those days she swears the only thing that will make her better is one of my Preggie Pops. Oy, I'm sharing morning sickness with my three year old!

Now she tells everyone we meet that she's pregnant with kittens. Her teacher at school heard all about it the other day. Her Sunday School teachers know. Acquaintences and friends have all been told the happy news. I have to hand Grandma Hicks credit...when Camille made her announcement, Grandma just nodded and asked what color the kittens would be.

And speaking of what the baby will look like, Camille has proclaimed that ours will be bald and have brown eyes like Mommy. Some days she says boy, other days she says girl. I guess we'll see how accurate she is!