December 17, 2009

Cloth vs. Disposable: Hitting you in the wallet!

My grocery store is offering a special on diapers this week - bonus points for Club Card holders. I collect the points almost obsessively (they come in very handy for free groceries) so I figured what's the harm? I'll just check out the price on the size that my 7-month-old son would be wearing. The cheapest ones there were $25.99 for a pack of 120. So I did some thinking:

My son is now 224 days old. Assuming an average of, say, 8 diapers a day up to this point (a fairly reasonable average, I think), he would have gone through a whopping 1792 diapers. That's 15 packages of the "economy" ones. That's almost $400.00. Assuming that he stays in diapers until the age of, say, 28 months (a VERY young age for potty training, when compared to the average in North America), we would have spent $1600.00 on diapers. And THAT'S assuming that we went with the very cheapest ones available, rather than the "big name" brands.

Instead, I have purchased: 30 prefolds, 5 covers, 19 one-size pockets, and 10 all-in-ones, and I have spent a total of about $600.00. I don't anticipate needing to spend any more on diapers before he's out of them - that's the beauty of one-size (particularly now that many are coming with warantees - like Knickernappies - or replacement elastic - like FuzziBunz). That's a savings of $1000, which sounds pretty darn good this time of year!

So, I didn't buy the diapers. Instead, I do an extra load of wash every second or third day. After all, I do have a baby - it's not as though there would have been a day without laundry in my foreseeable future anyways!

--written by Alannah F.

November 16, 2009

Stripping Diapers

Cloth diapering in northern Canada is about the same as cloth diapering anywhere else, with one notable exception: line drying is not an option 5 months out of the year. We just don’t get any direct sunlight, so even when the temperatures are conducive to line drying, the sun isn’t strong enough to deodourize or remove stains. Thus, when my dipes started to stink on a few days ago, I broke out the ole computer and looked up cures.

Today, I tried the Dawn Dishsoap method. IT WORKED!!! No more stinky diapers! And how did I do it? Well, it goes something like this:
  1. Wash diapers in HOT water with one to one-and-a-half tablespoons of original formula blue Dawn dishsoap.
  2. Rinse in HOT water 3-5 times. This is important, as you need to get ALL of the detergent out of the diapers (and it will also remove any previously accumulated buildup). To ensure that you’ve rinsed enough times, peek into the washer just as it’s finished agitating, but before it’s started the spin cycle. See lots of bubbles? Rinse again!

  3. Dry as usual. (Like many Canadians, I have a drying rack inside to combat the dry air in the house. Drying laundry indoors is WAY cheaper than a humidifier!)

Not only did this method get rid of the stinkies, but stripping your diapers can help if you’re finding that they don’t have quite as much absorbency as they once did.

**Note from Heather: this method of stripping is safe for all types of diapers and is recommended by many manufacturers, BumGenius and Knickernappies included. It does require the use of original blue Dawn dishsoap.

--Written by Alannah

September 30, 2009

The Cloth Diaper Learning Curve

It is said that a child learns more in their first five years than at any other time in their life. I think the second biggest learning curve comes when you become a new parent and even more so when you make the decision to use cloth diapers!

Not knowing anyone else that used cloth, I began researching my options in the middle of my pregnancy. I combed the Internet as if I was compiling information for a thesis - comparing and contrasting products, reading hundreds of reviews and expert articles. Learning all the ‘CD’ terminology, I felt as if I was immersed in a new language!

When I was satisfied that I’d become a mini-expert myself, I ordered a whole set of prefolds and covers. When they arrived I looked up the various folding techniques, tried them on my teddy bear, found the easiest one and feeling smugly confident, put them away ready for when baby arrived. Ha...little did I know, that I was just on the bottom rung of the learning curve!

When my small 6lb 2oz bundle of joy arrived I wanted to put her in the cloth diapers from day one, but try as I might, the origami that had been so easy on teddy was impossible on this fragile little baby. They were just too bulky, cumbersome and I began to fret that my boxes of prefolds would go to waste. It took two months until she grew big enough for them to fit comfortably and I was confident in the whole process. least we were beginning the cloth journey and I moved a step up in my learning!

But the learning curve is a steep climb and I was not done yet! I started out using pins but as soon as my babe started to wriggle I knew I had to get an alternative which thankfully came easily in the form of the marvellous Snappi’s - these made me feel so much like a pro! But then I found that the liners, which I had initially ditched because of their inability to contain poop from a breastfed baby, were a necessity after 6 months and I had to order many more so that diapers were easier to clean. I also went through a range of about 4 different diaper covers before I found the one that really worked for us in the form of Thirsties. Then when I decided to use cloth at night, the research began again into Pocket Diapers and through trial of a selection we found our favourites to be Fuzzi Bunz, Happy Heiny’s and Knickernappies.

So nowadays, when cloth diapering seems like second nature, I look back on the journey and admire the view from somewhere near the top of the learning curve!

--written by Terri H.

September 21, 2009

Cloth Diapering on a Budget

In these turbulent economic times, the cloth diapering industry has actually seen a boost in sales. Why? Simple – using cloth rather than disposables saves money.

However, with the amazing array of diapers and accessories that are now available it can be easy to get carried away with purchases and end up spending a small fortune on a diaper stash! Whilst I sometimes peek enviously at the stashes of multi-coloured, fabulously designed diapers that some people display, it’s not an option I can afford. Instead, I have learned that with a few strategic purchases all my cloth diaper needs can be satisfied and I have saved $1000’s when compared to the cost of disposables.

I think the first word in budget cloth diapering has to be ‘Prefolds’. Prefolds have so many advantages, with the main ones being that they are inexpensive, easy to clean and quick to dry. They are so durable that many mothers report that they last through several babies and then get recycled as household cloths! I have about 30 prefolds in the size my baby wears now and this is enough to always have some ready with a routine of washing every 2 days.

The next money savers are One-Size Diapers. These one-sizer’s usually come as Pockets or All-in-Ones and since most claim to fit babies from 7-35lbs they will usually last for the duration of their diaper life. Since they are more expensive, I have saved on the amount I need by only using my pocket diapers for night time, long journeys and when baby goes to Granny! By trying a few different ones I have found those that I like best and I recommend trying one of each type before splurging on just one brand.

Another potential cost cutter is the One-size Cover. Both Thirsties and Wonder Wraps offer a range of one size covers and although I have not tried these yet, I love the regular Thirsties covers so I think the one-size version will be an investment for my next baby on the way!

Spending on cloth diapers usually requires one major purchase which psychologically can seem to be an expensive outlay when compared with disposables which are usually bought on a weekly basis. I found that online cloth diaper calculators to be a great way of showing me how much I would be saving and further convince me that for my budget, cloth is the way to go!

--Written by Terri H.

September 18, 2009

Cloth Advocacy

My, what bright eyes you have! My, what porcelain skin you have! My, what a fluffy bottom you have! These are all comments that my five month old daughter might receive on any given day and they are all quite true. The secret is that my daughter was not born with that adorable, fluffy bottom. We can only attribute that cuteness to our love of cloth diapering. Revealing our secret normally leads to a conversation where I resolutely extol the virtues of cloth diapering.

The manner of questioning usually goes something like this. Is it hard? No, cloth diapering is actually a piece of cake. Everyone from my husband to my sitter joined me in this cloth diapering adventure. Using pocket diapers or all-in-ones usually takes away the initial fear friends and family have of using a cloth diaper. They are very similar to disposables and are virtually fool proof.

Is it a lot of work? Well, clearly it is more work then taking off a disposable and putting it in the trash. However, the benefits make it worth the extra effort. It feels great not to lug out garbage bags laden with dirty diapers to the trash every day. It also feels great to pull off the diaper and see a sweet baby bottom without a diaper rash! In addition, it feels great to not have to spot clean all of the baby’s cloths because she does not have blow outs in her cloth diapers! So although there is the extra load of laundry every couple of days, laundering the baby’s clothes has become much easier.

Is it expensive? There is an initial investment to make, but once you make it, you will be saving money. You can generally reuse cloth diapers on more then one child and the savings grow exponentially the more you use them. However, even if you only use them for one child, you will see savings over buying disposables. Where can I find them? Well, let me tell you about this wonderful website called

--Written by Angela M.

September 5, 2009

My thoughts on pockets

My thoughts on pockets. I love them. I love the stay dry aspect. All the ones I've tried are dry to the touch and I have to pull the insert out to feel that he's wet! I don't mind stuffing them and I don't mind pulling out wet inserts. It's just baby pee. My baby's pee to be exact. I love that you can customize absorbency as well. I've tried a few and these are my thoughts on them.

Happy Heiny's- I absolutely LOVE the cow print and also the monkey print. These are favorites of my six year old daughter (which is really important...LOL!). I have both snaps and velcro and like each one for different reasons. Snaps because they don't cause diaper chains in my dryer, velcro because its a bit more adjustable and easier to put on a baby who is attempting a fast break. They fit my chunky thighed baby well and work great for the daytime. I haven't had as much luck with them at night, but I think that might be an insert issue. I plan on ordering a SuperDo to try in them.

Knickernappies One Size-I love that these are made in Oregon (where I'm from) and I like the smooth front. I have a hard time getting the snaps on the side adjusted, but they do fit well and we haven't had a leak with them. I think with time I might get better at the side snaps. I have had good luck with rise snaps not popping open. They come with two fantastic inserts-the LoopyDos and we LOVE those. They absorb really well! They are such a great value because they come with two inserts and I've had great luck using the smaller LoopyDo to boost absorbancy for nighttime or inside a pocket if we are just hanging out at home and I know I will change him relatively soon.

FuzziBunz-No complaints on these at all. I have a very big 6 mo old and he fits on the tightest setting, so these will last us until potty learning. The one I have has been washed tons of times and it still looks brand new. I haven't tried them at night, but I'm guessing with the right inserts, they would be great!

--witten by Krista B.

August 31, 2009

My Cloth Diaper Journey - A "newbie" perspective

Right now I'm at the beginning and really loving it. I bought one (or a couple in some cases) of every kind and am starting to see there are positives and negatives to each kind of diaper and within that positives and negatives in each brand. This is my take on it so far.

Bum Genius: They stay dry to the touch, even at night. I love this part. They work great at night when stuffed with a Loopy Do, even for my nursing all night supper soaker. They are made out of a soft and comfy waterproof material that is soft to the touch. I could see how these would be perfect for people who are not positive they want to cloth diaper or for daycare/grandparents/reluctant partners. They do take some time to dry, though, so I turn them inside out so the soaker inside dries. I love that you can stuff these with extra absorbency at night, but they work fine alone for the day. The only problem I'm having is they seem to be a bit smaller than my other mediums and I don't think they' will last my chunky monkey as long. They don't come in snaps and I often end up with diaper chains in my wash and dryer, but usually from other diapers attaching to them.

Bum Genius Organic: I love the snaps. I love the onesize aspect and the fact that the snaps stay shut when trying to put them on my son. I love the fact that they are organic cotton. I'm not as big a fan of the fact that they are wet to the touch (though my son doesn't seem to mind) and they take a really, really long time to dry. They would make a very simple diapering system if you are interested in only cotton by your child's skin and had enough for the extra drying time.

SposoEasy: Like the organic aspect. I prefer the snaps over the velcro. These are easy, quick, convenient and dry a lot faster than the BG ones. The soaker is only attached at one end, so they don't have to be turned inside out to dry either. I haven't had luck with these overnight, but for days and for tossing in the diaper bag, these are great!

GroBaby System: Very soft to the touch, wonderful velcro, great snaps. I could see how someone might like this system with the ease of just snapping liners in and out. These would be pretty economical and would work for one-sized diapers as the snaps are awesome and don't pop open when I put them on him. I like variety, though, and I think this is best suited for someone who just wants one system and nothing else.

--written by Krista B.

August 4, 2009

Velcro or Snaps?

With all the cloth diaper options out there, it is tough to decide what will work best. Choosing between snap and Velcro closure is no exception. I am a big fan of both and each kind has its advantages & disadvantages.

In my opinion, Velcro is the faster, easier choice & I’ve found that other family members (even my husband) and day care providers prefer these. The Velcro is more closely constructed to disposable diapers & getting a good tight fit is generally pretty easy. If you aren’t going to be the only one changing baby’s diaper, then it might be a good idea to keep some Velcro diapers in your stash.

While snap diapers may not be quite as fast to get on, they are better choice for longevity. Velcro tends to wear out faster with all the washing that the diapers require. If you are hoping to use your diapers for multiple children, snaps are probably the way to go. Snaps are also better for sneaky little fingers that like to take diapers off as it is not as easy to get the snaps apart as it is Velcro.

Both kinds of diapers are wonderful & the most important thing to remember is that no matter what kind of cloth diaper you use, it will always be better than disposables J

--Written by Missy Zanotto

July 29, 2009

The Cloth Diaper That Is Almost Too Good!

The majority of my cloth diaper stash is made up of prefolds but a few months ago I started using pocket diapers for night times with great success. When I needed a couple extra, I decided to take advantage of the Cloth Diaper Outlet sampler pack and try the four different pocket diapers. I figured that the extras would also be useful for the infrequent times by baby is not with me and cared for by Daddy or Grandma who still find performing the prefold origami on our wriggling one-year old a near impossible feat!

After just one wash and dry decided to leave a bundle of three pocket diapers with my Grandmother to use on my baby while I went for a dentist appointment. I know that the absorbency of the inserts increases after several washes but I thought I’d try them anyway. I also left her a stack of prefolds for when they ran out.

When I returned I noticed that surprisingly my girl was in the last of the pockets and they had not yet moved on to the prefolds. My girl usually makes a whole lot of wet dipes in a day so I was concerned that she had not been changed enough. My Grandmother explained that our girl had felt dry all afternoon and she only made the last change because she knew I would be checking up! She said she even left the last diaper on the bed for me to see how dry it was.

I felt the diaper in question, the Knickernappies 2G, and it was, indeed very dry to the touch. I was a bit worried about this lack of wetness and even though my Grandmother is the most excellent care giver I could ever wish for, I quizzed her a little on how much she had given baby to drink! I then hypothesised that the dryness was due to the absence of breastfeeding that afternoon.

So I gathered everything together and went to sort out my diaper pail and basket. On pulling out the insert I realised that it was heavy and soaking wet! The amazing Loopy Do insert had drawn all the away wetness from my baby’s bottom giving the appearance on the surface that she was completely dry! I’m sure this was a better sense of dryness than even disposables can claim to get. I was extra pleased to have this diaper a few days ago when we got stuck in a traffic jam and my baby was sleeping. At the end of the journey she was very comfortable. I’ll definitely be getting more of these types of diapers as they are almost too good to be true!

--Written by Terri Henry

July 18, 2009

If you give a mother some cereal...

If you give a mother some cereal, she's going to want to refill the cereal jar.
When she refills the jar, the box will be empty.
She'll want to recycle it.
When she takes the box outside to the recycling bin, she'll realize the sprinkler in the backyard needs to be moved.
When she goes to move the sprinkler, she'll realize the backyard has been watered enough and she'll want to water the front yard instead.
When she takes the sprinkler out front, she'll realize all the flowers need watered.
When she waters the flowers, she'll want to pull weeds.
When she's done pulling weeds, she'll want to wash her hands.
When she washes her hands, she'll realize her cereal bowl is still sitting empty on the counter. She'll want to fill it and add milk.
She'll empty the milk carton and then she'll want to recycle it.

See where this is going? I still haven't eaten breakfast!

July 15, 2009

How to earn money at Cloth Diaper Outlet

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July 7, 2009

Cloth Diapering Out & About

When I began my cloth diaper journey I was able to manage perfectly at home. However as soon as we left the house I found myself reaching for the disposables to ensure baby would stay dry on a car journey and because I was unwilling to carry around a whole set of wet, smelly diapers in my bag. Being committed to cloth diapering, I found this a very unsatisfying situation and I was determined to find a way to use cloth wherever and whenever.

To address the dryness issue I got some doublers, which increase the absorbency of diapers and are a great boost for car journeys or anytime very regular changes might not be possible. My favourites are the Knickernappies stay dry hemp doublers with hemp on one side and a microfleece on the other. When the fleece side is placed next to baby’s skin the moisture seeps right through and gives an amazing sensation of dryness that really is comparable to a disposable without all the chemicals involved!

Then to solve the carrying problem I invested in a Planet Wise Wet Bag. This fabulous bag seals in both wetness and odours and thus allows me to carry a whole day’s worth of wet, dirty diapers without anyone ever knowing! The bags are nicely designed and come in 3 sizes that are suitable for differing needs. I then bought a slightly bigger baby bag that was more suitable for the increased bulk of cloth diapers.
Another essential on-the-go diapering item is to use a liner, as they make flushing away poop simple and leave the diaper clean enough to tuck in the wet bag without making everything else mucky.

Whilst I do use my prefolds for some journeys, these can sometimes be more challenging to get on a wriggling baby in an unfamiliar tight space! Pocket diapers or All-in-Ones are a faster, easier option and are also especially good when someone else, unfamiliar with the origami of a prefold, has to change her.

So now with all these items in our changing bag I feel very happy that I can leave the house as a true ambassador for cloth diapers and show the world how great cloth is!

--written by Terri Henry

July 2, 2009

Swim Diapers!

Summer is here and that means it's time to hit the pool or the beach with the kids! Like many people, we used disposable swim diapers for our son at first, but when I compared the price of disposables and cloth swim diapers, I knew cloth was the way to go!

First of all, cloth swim diapers cost about $14, the equivalent of one pack of disposables. Depending on your baby's age, he can quickly outgrow those disposables before you finish the pack. If you're the type of family who love the water and swim on a regular basis, you may be buying multiple packs of disposables each season, making them even less economical and environmentally friendly.

There are lots of different brands of cloth swim diapers, but my favorite are the Imse Vimse for several reasons. First, these diapers are very trim and fit my slim toddler well. Sometimes people are surprised that cloth swim diapers are not thick and fluffy like regular cloth diapers. Cloth swimmers are not meant to be absorbent (neither are disposables, by the way), only to contain poop and keep it from getting in the water. Other suits have been too baggy around the thigh, which defeats the whole purpose because they won't contain the solid matter.

Second, the diapers are just adorable. They are basically baby Speedos and covered in a cute fish pattern. You can add a matching top for girls for a stylish tankini look.

Lastly, I prefer snaps on my diapers rather than velcro, and Imse Vimse uses side snaps which make changing a breeze.
--Written by Elita.

July 1, 2009

Diaper Liners – The Small Things That Make a Big Difference

I started using diaper liners as soon as I began cloth diapering, convinced that they would save me time on cleaning messy poop from my prefolds. However, this was still in the early days when my baby was entirely breastfed and the consistency of poop usually ran overboard. Since I almost always ended up washing out the stains by hand before they were put in the pail, I stopped buying the liners.

When baby started solids, things immediately changed. With the poop now more firm it would have been easily contained in the liner and it was frustrating to be spending so much time each day washing the marks out. Because the liners were not locally available I started using pieces of folded kitchen paper instead but this disintegrated with urine and made a mess. So it was with eager anticipation that I awaited for my next online order of Imse Vimse liners to arrive. As expected I now find these liners invaluable. They make cloth diapering so much easier and are truly an item that I don’t want to live without!

I bought the Imse Vimse range because it said they were biodegradeable and suitable for septic tanks and at the outset I threw every used one into the toilet. Then I read a review of the product in which the reviewer shared her experience of using the liners, saying that whilst the dirty ones got flushed immediately, the ones that were just wet could be washed and reused. Well to me, an eco-mama on a budget, this was great advice. I started washing them out by hand which was successful but when one slipped into my machine load and came out fine I began to add them to my pail for the main wash. So I save both time and money with these liners!

As an aside, this recycling of the liners gave me the opportunity to compile some statistics on my daughters diaper habits. I kept all the clean and dried reused ones in a bag and when I finished the roll of 100 I counted how many had been saved in order to tally her poop to pee ratio! A mothers fun!

--Written by Terri Henry

June 30, 2009

Traveling with Cloth Diapers

This time of year, this is one of the questions we receive most often: Can we travel with cloth diapers and how?
The answer? Absolutely! Preparation and foresight is key. Here are some tips I've learned from traveling:

Plan around the use of washing machines. If you're staying in hotels, try to book a room in a hotel that has guest laundry (the self-serve kind). Only dry your inserts or prefolds. Hotel dryers can run VERY hot and may ruin snaps or PUL products (the waterproof fabric on your covers and diapers). Hang the covers and pockets to dry.

Take your own detergent. A baggie of your favorite detergent is worth the hassle. If you have liquid, pack it in your checked baggage so it's not confiscated at the airport. Double bag powders. If you have a bottle of detergent, put it in a baggie to contain any leaks.

If you have two pail liners, take them both. One can hold dirty diapers and the other can hold clean ones. One of our pail liners is a hanging pail liner (Doorknob Diaper Pail). At home, it's a liner for our plastic pail, but on vacation, we snap it around a doorknob or towel bar for an instant travelling diaper pail.
Take all of your diapers that fit. Every last one, even the ones you never use. You never know how long you'll need to go between washes and having extra diapers can really be beneficial.
If you fly, take 1/2 of your diapers in a carryon and 1/2 in your checked luggage. If possible, spread them out to as many suitcases as possible, just in case a bag is lost.
If you can't find a washing machine, wash by hand. Most inserts will dry overnight, prefolds can still be used even slightly damp, and most covers and pockets will dry quickly.
For longer trips or trips totally without washing facilities, covers and flats are a great way to go. They are easily handwashed and dry very quickly.
We took a trip two years ago that really challenged our use of cloth diapers. First we had a 12 hour flight with two layovers, then a 3 hour drive, then an overnight stay where we washed diapers. Then an 18 hour car trip and a 3-day stay in the boonies. Almost broke down and bought disposables, but ended up finding a secret washing machine in the basement. Snuck in to wash diapers. Another 18 hour car trip, then a week at my Mom's with her machine. Then the flight home. We successfully cloth diapered the entire trip. During the long car ride, we had a huge bag of dirty diapers, but with the top twisted on our pail liners, no one in the van could smell a thing. Whew!

Next time I post: Camping with cloth!

--Written by Heather at Cloth Diaper Outlet

June 27, 2009

Avoiding Smelly Diaper Pails

One of the fears with cloth diapers is the smell. After all, those disposables can always be dumped in the garage, but the cloth diapers have to sit in the diaper pail right there in the house until washing day! We battled it a bit early on, but learned a few ways to keep it in check.

1. Wash often. We wash at least every third day (every other day when we had two in diapers).

2. Use a diaper sprayer. While certainly not a necessity, I think it really helped. We also keep a separate Doorknob Diaper Pail in the bathroom so we’re not carrying dripping diapers back to the changing table. (I’ve found it’s best to line dry the diaper pail liners, too. Luckily, we have two we can rotate.)

3. Diaper pail deodorizer – We used Fluff Dust (California Fields, which smelled lovely!). When that ran out, I made my own using baking soda and a few drops of essential oils. Whenever we have a smelly diaper, we sprinkle a bit in the diaper pail after dropping in the diaper.

4. Speaking of essential oils, we sprinkle a few drops on the fabric swatch in the liners after every wash. My personal favorite is lavender.

5. Use Bac-Out, sparingly. If not rinsed out completely, it can cause serious irritation (trust me on this). I use two teaspoons (or less) in the rinse, wash once with detergent and again without detergent. Then I do a couple of extra rinses. (We have very hard water and a front-loader.) It’s miraculous in its ability to battle that diaper smell, though, so it’s worth it every once in a while.

With a little planning, we avoid a house of diaper smells just as well as (or better than) when we used disposables.

--Written by Kansas Mom

June 22, 2009

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June 20, 2009

Successful Cloth Diapering at Night

I’ve been cloth diapering for the past 8 months on my baby girl but we recently achieved a new developmental milestone – cloth diapering at night. I used to feel so disappointed when each night I had to trade in my cloth prefolds for a disposable but with nothing else locally available, (I live in Dominica), I was not sure what to do.

I searched online for information and after reading about a hundred articles and reviews decided to order some Fuzzi Bunz Pocket Diapers. These diapers have a sturdy yet flexible waterproof outer and are lined with a soft fleece. In addition they come with a thick microfiber insert that works to provide greater absorbency. For extra night-time soaking power, I chose some Knicker Nappies Stay Dry Hemp Doublers which are hemp on one side and soft fleece on the other and designed to wick away the wetness from baby’s delicate skin. I also used the Imse Vimse liners to protect the doubler from her usual morning time poop!

When I got my package I was so excited...I was finally going to be a 24hr cloth diapering Mama! The instructions advised to wash the items several times for them to become absorbent so I had my machine going straight away! I put them into practice the very next night but unfortunately I did not have the success I desired. I’m not sure if I hadn’t fixed them tight enough, not put enough layers in or if they just hadn’t got enough absorbency yet, so I rewashed and tried again the next night and I was delighted to find that it worked. Goodbye disposables!

Since both the Fuzzi Bunz and the Knicker Nappies Doublers do take a while to line dry, if you live somewhere with plenty rain and/or humidity (as I do) you will need to allow far more time for drying and thus have a greater supply on hand. The washing instructions say to tumble dry but I’m not sure if anyone has a tumble dryer in the Caribbean!

I am so happy with my experience that I plan to order more of these items in all sizes as my next baby is already on the way and this time we want to start the 24hr cloth diapering from day one!

--by Terri Henry (Terri earned $10 store credit for this post!)

June 11, 2009

My favorite pocket diapers

OneSize diapers are all the rage these days, but for a dependable diaper that fits well and can last through multiple kids, regular pocket diapers are the way to go. We carry several brands at Cloth Diaper Outlet, but there are a couple that we really love that have been in our stash for a long time.

Fuzzi Bunz - Great diaper, dependable, pretty much leak proof, and fits our daughter well. We've used these since the very beginning. She wore a medium from 14 lbs to about 30ish pounds, which took her to about 3 1/2 years. Then we switched to larges for her night diapers. We can easily put two inserts into these and, at 40 lbs, she still has room to grow in the larges.

Knickernappies - Long a favorite in our house, Knickernappies have made up the bulk of our stash for about 3 years. Mediums lasted to about 33 lbs, then we switched to larges for night. We LOVE the 2G version of the Knickernappies diaper. Side-Snaps are our favorite since they are so easy to do up and don't cause any extra bulk in the tummy area. The 2G version is virtually leakproof and has plenty of room for inserts.

With both types of diapers, we use the LoopyDo and Just-Hemp inserts. For night time for our heavy-wetting preschooler, we use one LoopyDo with two Just-Hemp. Alternatively, we can use one SuperDo with one Just-Hemp. Both are trim and uber-absorbant combinations.

June 8, 2009

Prolonging the Life of Your Diapers

My husband & I are the proud parents of 2 children: Noah, who will be 3 in October & Gianna who we welcomed on March 20th. We started cloth diapering Noah at 3 months and have never looked back. We regularly use bumGenius one-size diapers & have also used prefolds with covers. Looking at our bumGeinus, which we used for Noah, and now Gianna, you would hardly know that they have been used for multiple children. We use a few different techniques to keep our diapers in the best condition.

First, and probably most important, we hang our covers and bumGenius diapers to dry. The dryer is so hard on the Velcro and it really only takes a few hours before they are dry & ready to use, plus it uses absolutely no energy at all. What could be better for the environment? Second, we discovered early with our son that Viva brand paper towels cut in half work extremely well as a liner. This not only makes it easy to clean out soiled diapers, but it also keeps the stains from setting in to the fabric. Lastly, if there ever are any stains that do set in, we take advantage of the beautiful sunny days, & sun our diapers, or dry them in the sun, to remove any stains that may have set in. You’ve gotta love Mother Nature as a bleaching agent for diapers! Just a little bit of time in the sun can make all the difference in the appearance of a diaper.

Our diapers are still in excellent condition & we hope to keep them this way for any future children we are lucky to be blessed with!

--Written by Melissa Zanotto (she earned $10 store credit for this post!)

June 4, 2009

Knickernappies side-snap One Size Diapers

The new Knickernappies side-snap One Size Diapers are instock! We really love these diapers and here's why:

1. Side Snaps give a smooth tummy, no bulk across the stomach
2. Easier to pull pants on over side snap diapers
3. With a potty training toddler, these work great as training pants...pull up, pull down without unsnapping.
4. Durable snaps - with proper care, these will last for years
5. Side snaps are more difficult for a baby to undo
6. Wide weight range...8 lbs to 40 lbs (yes, really 40 lbs! Our daughter is a hair over 40 lbs and they still fit!)

Six colors - CHOCOLATE, light blue, raspberry, celery, butter, and turquoise

Two insert choices - microfiber or LoopyDo

All options are instock and shipping now. Quantity discounts apply. Free shipping for US orders over $50.

May 27, 2009

Winners of the Gro Baby diapers!

Announcing our four winners of the Gro Baby diaper sets:

(winners chosen by random number generator)

Joanna O. - Ohio
Nora L. - North Carolina
Annie V. - Oregon
mrssoup from our blog

Watch here for more contests and giveaways! You can also enter any contest we do by placing an order at (an order is never required, though!)

May 23, 2009

Alert to cloth diapering bloggers!

The cloth diaper industry (businesses and consumers alike) needs to work together to effectively counter a bribed blogger initiative designed to promote disposable diapers through mommy bloggers. This is coming directly from the disposable diaper companies. You may have already started to see these posts on some blogs. As a reference, you can rely on this little tidbit in the Wall Street Journal in an article called "Big Diaper Makers Square Off" published on April 13, 2009.

"Kimberly-Clark plans to ship free samples of its new diapers to about 500"mommy bloggers," hoping to build buzz among mothers who write aboutchild-rearing and their readers. Likewise, P&G is hosting about a dozenmommy bloggers at its Cincinnati headquarters next week to show how Pampersdiapers are developed."

To counter this campaign and positively elevate cloth diapers in the eyes of your readers, please make a concerted effort to focus your blogs around cloth diapers and related issues in the coming weeks.

Thanks to everyone for your help. Please feel free to reference this post on your own blogs. I'd also recommend using other social media (ie: Twitter) to get the word out quickly...
Have a great Memorial Day weekend! :-)

--written by Jenn from BumGenius

May 22, 2009

New Onesize Diaper coming soon!

Introducing a new OneSize diaper!

Knickernappies OneSize Diapers are a side-snapping pocket diaper. OneSize with four rise adjustments (small, medium short, medium, and large), side snaps, and they come with TWO inserts! You have your choice of two microfiber inserts or two LoopyDo inserts, all made in the USA!

We use this diaper on our 40 lb almost-4 year old at night and it does beautifully. 40 lbs is the upper weight range, but I've seen the diaper on 8 lb newborns and it looks great on these tiny babies.

Made with top quality materials and the best possible workmanship, Knickernappies OneSize Diapers are the perfect onesize diaper. Made with snaps instead of velcro, these diapers will last several years with proper care.

Set to release by June 1

Diaper with 2 microfiber inserts = $18.95
Diaper with 2 LoopyDo inserts = $24.95

Quantity discounts will be available.
We will have all 6 colors instock in both insert options.

May 20, 2009

Gardening, Part 2

I promised to describe the gardening method that we use...Square Foot Gardening.

It's not a new method. It was first written about in the 70s, but I'm sure many of our moms and grandmas used it for years in their kitchen gardens. The basic idea is this: by planting in squares instead of rows, you can grow more veggies in a smaller space with less work. This is perfect for small gardens like ours. Here's the website: I do recommend checking the book out at the library or buying it.

This is our second year using square foot gardening techniques. Last year I grew 16 different types of vegetables and marigolds in just two raised beds. We had enough beans to eat 3-4 nights a week for dinner and I froze about 12-15 quarts. We had more spinach, swiss chard, and romaine than I could ever use and we gave away more than we ate. We had broccoli enough for just about every meal in August and September, plus potatoes, tomatoes, tomatillos, and lots more.

This year I cut back on the types of vegetables but I'm growing more of the ones we use the most of. Broccoli (already harvested our first yummy!), carrots, spinach, chard, garlic, bell peppers, and beans. I do have a tomato but I put it in a pot this year. My husband and I don't like tomatoes, but I'm hoping that a "sugar grape" tomato plant placed right where Camille plays will entice her to try some.

Also in pots we have two blueberry bushes and about 12 strawberry plants. I consider these our snack bushes. Anytime Camille is allowed to eat freely.

Our last plant is an acorn squash that I'm putting in the corner of our yard where it has room to grow.

May 9, 2009

More About Cloth Wipes

Lots of questions on the cloth wipes!

Here are some things that worked well for us:

At Home - we made up a batch of wipe solution in a squirt bottle (not a spray bottle--I didn't like using a spray bottle). Then we'd wet down a few wipes, maybe 4-6, and keep them in a plastic wipes container. These were ready for immediate use. Then the bottle of solution (we used Baby Bits and I also love Baby Bum Drops) was kept next to a stack of dry wipes. This way, the wipes never had time to get smelly and we always had plenty of wipes in case of a really messy diaper.

Out and About - When we were out of the house, our routine changed just a little for cloth wipes. I kept a small wetbag with dry wipes and a 4 oz squirt bottle inside. At changing time, I wet one or two wipes. The rest were always dry. This way, they didn't get smelly in the diaper bag and I didn't have to worry about running out of wipes or keeping them fresh. Dirty wipes went into the bigger wetbag along with the dirty diapers.

All of the wipes solutions that we carry are fine to use with any brand of diaper. The essential oils that are used are in such tiny amounts that it doesn't hurt anything, and most of the EOs used are diaper-safe anyway. Plain water works well, too. If your baby has very sensitive skin, then the Northern Essense TTO/Lav-Free is great. It has no tea tree oil or lavender oil so it's extra-gentle. The Baby Bits and Baby Bum Drops will last the longest and give the most for your money.

Gardening, Part 1

Oddly enough, I suppose due to the beautiful weather we've had, I've had several customers and friends mention they are starting gardens for the first time. Congratulations if you're starting one too!

Growing up, we always had a huge garden. I resented it every morning at 7 am when Mom would drag me out of bed to weed and water the garden. And I took for granted the yummy bounty of beans, peas, lettuce, tomatoes, etc that we pulled out of garden.

That is...until I became an adult. Just a few years on my own and I was yearning for a garden. We lived in an apartment for several years and I had a balcony garden...herbs, flowers, and more. I never tried veggies since we didn't get a lot of sun.

Now we're in a house and our landlord was sweet enough to let us put in a garden last year. We chose to do raised beds, partly so we could avoid tearing up our rented yard and partly so we could control the soil quality. Last year we grew a little of everything...tomatoes, tomatillos (those didn't work at all), potatoes, carrots, onions, broccoli, bell peppers, beans, swiss chard, romaine, spinach, garlic, zucchini, strawberries, blueberries, cantelope (that didn't really work either) and gosh, probably even more that I've forgotten.
This year we're growing fewer things but more of them. More beans, more broccoli, spinach, more carrots, swiss chard, and garlic have been growing since March. I just bought a couple of pepper plants today. We're still planning to do zucchini just because it's so fun and easy to grow.

Does it sound overwhelming? I promise it's not. We use a method popularly known as "Square Foot Gardening." More on that in Part 2!

May 7, 2009

Wipes - what's the difference?

After you've switched to cloth diapering, inevitably the question comes up: What about cloth wipes?

Many moms find cloth wipes are actually easier to use. If you've used disposables diapers and wipes, then you're already used to wrapping the dirty wipe into the dirty diaper and tossing it in the trash. You can do the same with cloth only it goes into the diaper pail to be washed. Washing everything together is easy to do and saves even more money than just using cloth diapers.

But when you shop for wipes, there are so many choices! Here's the lowdown:

Velour - very soft, can be pastel or bright colors, usually cotton (Thirsties, Velour Wipes)

Fleece - very soft, does not stain easily, white, can be harder to wipe up breastfed poo, polyester (Thirsties)

Sherpa - thick cotton, white or natural color usually, cleans up the worst messes easily (Velour wipes, Knickernappies, Wahmies)

Flannel - cotton, cute prints, great for a mini-bath (Knickernappies, Wahmies)

Bamboo - very soft, stays soft, usually natural color, thin like Gerber washclothes (BumGenius)

What are my favorites? The flannel & sherpa Knickernappies wipes! I have all of these in our stash, but the flannel & sherpa wipes are my favs.

April 29, 2009

Waiting for the internet to catch up to me

I'm working late tonight, trying to fix our gift registry module. It has issues. :) My program is slow tonight, though, so while I wait, I thought I'd drop a line here.

Nighttime diapering...this can be a tough one for some families to solve. Almost all the time, the solution is more absorbancy. Leaking out the sides? Add another insert. Leaking out the top? Add another insert. Leaking out the leg? Well, you can email me on that one! That might be a stripping issue, might need another insert. You get my point!

But all these inserts can make for a thick, bulky diaper. Chances are, it won't bother your baby a bit, but it looks uncomfortable and who knows, maybe it is. SuperDo inserts are a great option. They're very absorbant (after several washings) and yet fairly trim. Much trimmer than many of the ideas I've tried. Heavywetters may still need another insert, our favorite is Just-Hemp. A Just-Hemp and SuperDo together can last our heavywetting 3-year-old all night long.

April 28, 2009

Bleach and cloth diapers: Yay or Nay?

Have you ever seen PUL after it's been through a mild bleaching a few dozen times? It's not a pretty sight. It actually DISSOLVES the PUL. So hold the bleach and try Bac-Out instead. :)

(BumGenius is the exception. They still say 1/4 cup bleach once a month is okay with their diapers and they back this up with their warranty.)

April 27, 2009

Gro Baby diapers

I am so excited to have the new Gro Baby diapers. If you haven't seen these yet, they're really a great concept.

They are an all-in-two onesize diaper. This means they are onesize-fits-most and they come in two pieces...a "shell" and a snap-in soaker. The great part is that when the soaker is dirty, simply unsnap it and snap in a fresh one. I do recommend rotating shells so they have a chance to dry out first, but really, you could get through a whole day's diapering with just 3-4 shells and as many soakers as needed. This great reduces the price for a premium diapering system.

Here's an example:
Buy 6 "shell sets" - $24.95 each = 149.70
Buy 6 soaker pad sets (2 per set) - $16.95 each = 101.70
Total = 6 covers, 18 soaker pads, 2 days worth of diapering, only $251.40 WOW!

That's cheaper than just about any other brand of modern diaper on the market.

The weight range is the standard 8-35 pounds, but I do think these fit a little on the smaller side. I've seen them on a 6 lb baby and they look great. They do not fit my 37 lb daughter at all. But I think for the majority of your diapering years, these will fit really nicely and be a fabulous diaper.

More details: all natural, organic cotton against baby's skin. Snag-proof velcro (like no other diaper!), easy fit and rise adjustment.

Best of all, we have four of these diapers to give away to lucky winners!
Simply place an order from now until May 25, post on the blog (make sure I have access to your email address!), email me about why you want to try a Gro Baby, or spread the word! Blog about Cloth Diaper Outlet and send me the link. Send an email to your friends, etc. Any of these will get you entered to win a free Gro Baby shell set!

April 23, 2009

Diapers We Love - a customer's story

by Christina C.

Before our daughter was born I assembled a stash of about 26 different diapers. I admit it was a little compulsive, but I wanted to try everything. She soon grew out of those small diapers and as we moved up a size I consolidated our stash to our favorites for each of our three basic diaper needs.

Our “Hanging Around the House” diaper is Bum Genius bamboo fitted. It’s what I use 80% of the time. This diaper is amazing. It has never leaked. Not when she took a 5 hour nap, not when she let 3 days of poop loose all at once. It is soft and fluffy and I love putting it on her little bottom! Being a fitted diaper it does need a cover, but I think the two-part system is why we never have leaks – it’s hard to get past two barriers!

Our “Out and About” diaper is the SposoEasy All in One. This diaper is fabulously quick and easy to use, no matter where we are or who’s doing the changing. I’ve had a couple minor leaks in the SposoEasys but nothing that compares to the “blowout” stories of my friends using disposables.

Our “Nighttime Diaper” is a Happy Hempy pocket fitted, stuffed with a Loopy Do insert. This diaper has serious absorbency. Good thing, because it has to last 10 hours! I like the fleece lining, because our daughter sleeps deeper when she feels dry. Yes, these are fitted diapers and they need a cover, but remember what I said about the two layer system? We cosleep, and mama never has to wake up to wet sheets. Wonderful.

I’m glad we tried different diapers at first, because now we have a great, dependable system. Experimentation works!

Christina was paid for writing this article. You can earn money, too!

April 21, 2009

How I learned to love cloth diapering

by Nicole Hinden

I like my cloth diapers. In fact, friends tease me about how much I enjoy changing diapers and my family thinks I am speaking another language or starting a new career when they see updates like “Fluffy mail!” or “Stripping!” on my Facebook page, but it wasn’t always such a great relationship. In fact, even though I was determined to make cloth work, it wasn’t until 2 months into our foray that really LOVED cloth.

I decided to cloth diaper for a few reasons: 1) Saving money (though my husband thinks that is debatable) 2) Helping the environment and 3) It is darn cute!! However, my fantasies of a little fluffy butt cradled in my arms were not exactly what happened in reality. We had stink issues and leak issues. My husband was disgusted and I was disappointed—this was supposed to be the best option, why was it so hard? I was tempted to turn back to disposables but didn’t want to hear “I told you so” from my friends and family. So I got to work on figuring out what wasn’t working.

I figured out the stink issues first. A good stripping and my diapers were as good as new. Next I went into the leak issues; part of it was my skinny baby just wasn’t ready for a size small and would have been better served with newborns. The other part was figuring out what brand and type worked for me. And THAT is when I started to fall in love with cloth. Trying out new diapers and experiments with inserts and doublers was fun! My post-baby body was not ready for a shopping trip but my baby’s body looked cute in EVERYTHING!

I quickly realized pockets were the best fit for both my baby and my lifestyle. Since then, I have enjoyed exploring different brands and types of pockets, including pocket AIOs, Work at Home Moms, and different types of inserts. Maybe someday I’ll even be brave enough to try a fitted with a cover, but it is nice to finally find a system that works and enjoy shopping for cute diapers without worrying about the function.

Nicole earned money for writing this post! You can, too! For details, click HERE.

April 4, 2009

Beautiful Saturday afternoons

Today in the Willamette Valley of Oregon is a gorgeous day. Meant for hiking, kite flying, laying in the sun.

What are we doing? Cleaning the bathroom, packing orders, and answering emails! Our daughter is sick and while she feels okay at home, she gets overtired if we leave. It's just a minor cold and she'll be fine in a day or two, but that means we enjoy today's sunshine (so rare this time of year) from indoors. We will probably take a drive later so we can at least get out of the house a bit.
It's also a GREAT day for sunning diapers. Wash them first, then hang or lay in a sunny spot. By the time they're dry, any stains will be gone (as long as they're organic stains=poop). It's like magic and a great way to whiten and brighten your diapers.
This is an old-time picture borrowed from a blog I found on Google. If you'd like to send me your picture of drying diapers in the sun, I'll happily post it here instead!

March 28, 2009

The mama behind Wahmies & Drybees

DryBees Cloth Diapers was established in 2003 with five yards of fabric and a hope that people would like what was being made. For years, all DryBees products were made by my hands on my kitchen table after my children were put to bed. They barely knew that anything was going on. This allowed me to still be a mom and tend to their needs, but do something in the evening that was rewarding to me. DryBees quickly began to take over the living portions of our home. My mother started taking over the bulk of the sewing which might seem to have lessened my load but only made more work because there were more orders to fill, more customers to serve. After the passing of my mother in 2005 DryBees was too large for me to try to resume the sewing and daily running of the business all by myself. I decided that I would look at selling the one thing I loved. I didn't feel like I could keep it going and it held many memories of my mother as well.

With the encouragement of my little brother, who is forever my business cheerleader, I sought out a seamstress for help. I was lucky in that I found one of the best ones out there who helps me keep DryBees quality high. She works out of her home so she can be there for her family and when she needs help she finds other women who can work out of their homes. This is truly how I wanted it to be run. I am reminded every day how proud my mom would be to see how it has grown. DryBees moved out of my home but still onto my property in its own warehouse in 2007. This has allowed my home to be my home again which was much needed to have a moment to get away from it all. It has also allowed me to have help from local moms who, just like me, come after their children are in bed. Every day I am amazed at the other women I work with, from the people who help me run the business to the woman run businesses that carry my products. Women are strong and are able to take on so much and yet still run their families with grace.

March 18, 2009

How do you stuff a pocket diaper?

Our first blog post from a customer...Jill P! She earned money for submitting this post. See below to see how you can earn money writing for Cloth Diaper Outlet's blog!

At the request of my husband, the bulk of our diapers are pocket diapers. They are just as easy as a disposable when the need for a diaper change arises. The system works best if all the diapers are stuffed and ready, so it’s the first thing I do every other morning. Pocket diapers comprise about three-fourths of our stash, but I need only about twenty minutes to get all the diapers from the dryer to the shelf.

Stuffing a pocket diaper can be frustrating. I’ve discovered a little trick that works perfectly on our Knickernappies diapers. My husband kindly served as photographer so you can see it in action.

First, place a hand on each side of the diaper cover and scrunch it up on either side. (Ladies, think pantyhose!)

I hold the diaper cover with my left hand and place the inserts into the opening with my right hand.

I then slide my left hand over so I can pinch the inserts at the closed end of the diaper cover.

I spread the right hand so my thumb is on one side of the insert and my fingers are on the other, tucked just inside the diaper cover. I hold them out slightly, so they can slide easily on either side of the insert. Then I pull my right hand down, dragging the cover with it. The insert and end of the cover stay in place, still held firmly by my left hand.

That’s it! I like to give the diaper one good snap to even everything out. Sometimes I then run my fingers over the edges just to make sure the insert is smooth.

March 5, 2009

Looking for some writers!

Do you like writing? Do you love cloth diapers?

I am now accepting articles about cloth diapering. Approved pieces will be published here in this blog. You will be paid either $5 cash (paid via paypal) or $10 store credit for each article that is published. You may begin submitting articles immediately to me at heather @ (no spaces).

Topics include washing tips, detergent experiences, personal experiences with diaper brands you've liked (try to stay away from diapers you didn't like, please!), etc. Almost anything relating to cloth can be approved. I'm going to be looking for relevance, solid writing skills, and proper grammar.

Thanks so much!

ETA: Articles should be less than 300 words.

February 27, 2009

My #1 favorite diapering product?

Excluding diapers and inserts, what is my #1 favorite diapering product?

Hard question! But I think it would be Mama Rose's Magic Touch diaper balm. Not only is this a diaper cream specifically made for use with cloth diapers (so it's safe and washes out easily) but it's made by an herbalist. It's mostly organic, all-natural, and very good for tender baby skin. It smells good, isn't greasy, and has more uses than just diaper cream. Like lip balm! I've also used it on chaffed skin, sore noses, and scrapes. And it comes in three sizes! 1/4 oz is perfect for the diaper bag, 2 oz is great for home, and the 4 oz is a nice big size that will last a very long time. Starting at just $3, it's very affordable!

February 23, 2009

Fuzzi Bunz Onesize are officially here!

The Fuzzi Bunz Onesize diapers just came in the door. They are officially here and ready for shipping! You'll love this diaper, I think. The inserts are the best quality microfiber inserts on the market...4 thick layers, yet easy to wash and dry. The fleece on our diaper has stayed buttery soft after several washings. I'm excited and honored to be one of the first retailers to have this diaper!

February 16, 2009

Fuzzi Bunz Onesize, Drybees bamboo

I'd like to introduce two great new diapers...

Fuzzi Bunz Onesize - these aren't available yet at most retailers, but they are arriving at Cloth Diaper Outlet very soon! I have tested one of these on my 36 lb daughter and I can say other onesize on the market will fit as long as these will. At 36 lbs, my daughter has PLENTY of room to grow, yet they fit her very well. Out of 8 elastic settings, she's probably on #5, so I can stretch these out for a long while yet. Plus she's on some of the smaller waist settings, so this diaper will easily fit her until 40 lbs. I'm so impressed with that! And better still, they're coming out with a new color: Apple Green! I love it...such a pretty color, good for boys or girls.

Drybees Gone Natural bamboo fitteds - These diapers arrived a couple of weeks ago. Immediately I was in love. They are incredibly soft and since they're made from bamboo velour, they'll stay this soft wash after wash. They are available in two sizes: a tiny size for newborns and a onesize for infant through potty training. Made from undyed bamboo velour, stitched with rainbow thread, these are great for both boys and girls. They do require a cover, but since these diapers will last for years, you'll love the investment.

Drybees are instock now and ready to ship. Fuzzi Bunz will be available very soon. I won't open up for ordering until they've actually shipped to me, so watch this blog or the website for more information!

Winners of the Baby Bum Drops!

Announcing the winners of the Baby Bum Drops...

Justine Topel

I'll contact each of you for your addresses and we'll ship these out ASAP! Congratulations!

For everyone else, watch this blog for more giveaways!

February 10, 2009

Sad news in our house

I am sorry to report that we lost our pregnancy over the weekend. The doctor says it was a blighted baby ever existed, just an empty sac that quit developing several weeks ago. I was 11w4d. This news is sad for us, but we are leaning on God and we're doing okay. The doctor said we can try again in 2-3 months.

February 2, 2009

Baby Bum Drops

I know lots of you use cloth wipes and many probably use a wipe solution as well. I'd like to introduce you to a brand new wipe solution: Baby Bum Drops. These are all-natural and smell wonderful. They dissolve easily in hot water and are really good for baby's skin.

I'm excited to have these in stock because they're very high quality. I've tried them on my daughter and we both think they're wonderful.

Three lucky winners will win a box of Baby Bum Drops! Simply send me an email or post a comment to this blog by Feb 14, 2009. Leave your email address so I can contact you if you win (either in the post or on your profile). Thanks!

January 27, 2009

What diapers will we use for the new baby?

Now that we're expecting, the question I get most often is "What will you use for the next baby?"

To be honest, I'm not sure yet! I'm thinking probably some of everything. Many of the brands I carry now I've never tried on a newborn. Others I did try, but didn't know what I was doing way back then. I'd like to try them again. Prefolds I'll definately try...we didn't use prefolds with Camille until she was older.

I promise, though, to let you know what I think when the time comes! I plan to blog often about what diapers we're trying, what's working, and what's not.

January 26, 2009

You can leave reviews for your favorite products!

We've just added a new feature to Cloth Diaper Outlet (and No Pins4 Baby): reviews! You can now review your favorite products. Simply scroll to the bottom of any product page and click the "reviews" tab. You'll be able to leave a review along with a star rating.

Reviews are helpful for two big reasons: they help other customers choose what is best for them and they help me decide what to stock more or less of in the store. I can rely on YOUR experiences, not just my own!

And I always appreciate reviews left for my store at Diaper Pin.

Thanks so much!

January 20, 2009

New products just arrived!

Announcing a few new products at Cloth Diaper Outlet!

1. Wonder Wraps OneSize diaper covers - now you can use the same covers from birth to potty training (9 lbs - 35 lbs)! $13.95 each and quantity discounts available.

2. Baltic Amber teething necklaces - all-natural, medication-free way to sooth your baby during the teething stage. These beautiful necklaces are durable and made to last.

3. Teething drops - an all-natural solution for teething. A couple of drops is all it takes to see your baby smiling again.

Better still...we have free shipping for US orders over $50!

January 13, 2009

Kittens in her tummy

Camille is enthralled with the idea of our pregnancy. A couple of weeks ago she announced that she, too, is pregnant. With kittens. Five of them to be exact. Some days her tummy hurts because of the kittens in her tummy. On those days she swears the only thing that will make her better is one of my Preggie Pops. Oy, I'm sharing morning sickness with my three year old!

Now she tells everyone we meet that she's pregnant with kittens. Her teacher at school heard all about it the other day. Her Sunday School teachers know. Acquaintences and friends have all been told the happy news. I have to hand Grandma Hicks credit...when Camille made her announcement, Grandma just nodded and asked what color the kittens would be.

And speaking of what the baby will look like, Camille has proclaimed that ours will be bald and have brown eyes like Mommy. Some days she says boy, other days she says girl. I guess we'll see how accurate she is!