December 27, 2008

Our Christmas gift!

Merry Christmas! I haven't posted for a while because there's only one topic I wanted to post about and it had to wait until after Christmas. My husband and I got the best Christmas present of our lives...we found out on Dec 16 that we're finally expecting a baby! We're due Aug 27 and after 22 months of waiting, we're beyond thrilled!

This brings a whole new dimension to my business. I'll finally have a baby bum to diaper again. I'll be able to pick whatever diapers I want this time around. I have never diapered a newborn (we started at 7-8 weeks with Camille).

It's funny, I started this business literally with a baby at my breast. I had so much time breastfeeding and I found it easy to nurse and use the computer at the same time. I'm not much of a chatter, so it was a natural course to use my extra time to start a business. Back then, it was a whim, a hope, a "hopefully someday this will be something." Now this business is our livelihood, our bread on the table. And I will come full circle, again nursing while I work. What a blessing!


Congratulations! I know your kids won't be as close together as you'd hoped, but I think it's a good spacing. I just started cloth diapering and am excited to order more diapers for my 1-year-old so I can imagine how you feel. I hope to use these for all the kids to come. Such fun!

Congratulations! What a blessing and a nice Christmas gift!

Congratulations Heather, that's wonderful news. I wish you health! The loopy-do's arrived. Thank you again.

The best news EVER!!!!!
Huge HUGS from Atlanta.
I know how badly you have wanted this.

Congratulations! Your older daughter will be a great blessing to you with a newborn in the house. I know my son was for me, who was four when my third baby was born.

I highly recommend the kissaluvs for newborns. We loved them on Second Daughter. (Though I'm a big fan of the fitted Dream-eze and the Thirsties covers now...)