December 13, 2008

A green Christmas?

This post is all about Oregon! And for probably the only time this year, when you hear the words "green Christmas" it's not about environmentalism. It's about our literal green-ness here in the Willamette Valley!

I will admit, we did get a dusting of snow last night (it melted by 9 am) and more is expected tonight. But in general, rain is more the norm and we get lots of it. Normally by this time of year, we've received 11 inches of rain from Sept-present. This year we've received a measly 4 inches or so.

Everything has greened up nicely with the rain we've gotten: the grass is growing (mowed last week, will mow again next week), the Douglas Fir trees make the hills around town perenially green, and most of our bushes are still leafy. It's beautiful and it's no wonder the settlers called it the "Emerald Valley". I'm sure for them, after the dusty trek across Nebraska, Wyoming, Utah, Nevada, and eastern Oregon, the sight of trees and grasses as far as they eye could see was refreshing and amazing.

What's Christmas like where YOU live? Warm & sunny? Cold and snowy? Are you decorating palm trees, douglas firs, or prickly pines (like we did growing up in Missouri)?