November 23, 2008

Some of my favorite cloth diapering tips

If you've ordered from me and read the brochure I send with every order, then you've seen these already. This is a list of my favorite tips, all gleaned from my own experience.

If you're new to cloth, expect leaks the first few days. It seems, no matter how much people research, how well they wash, how conscientious they are, trying something new like cloth diapering isn't always successful the first few days. I remember crying to my husband that I'd made a mistake and that maybe cloth just wasn't for us. He encouraged me to give it a few more days and he was right. Suddenly I guess everything "clicked" into place and worked the way it was supposed to. In over three years of having this business, I've discovered this is very common. Moms call me and say the diapers arrived yesterday but they're leaking, what are they doing wrong? Nothing! Like everything else, there is a learning curve. Give it a few days and you'll be fine. This is probably my best piece of advice.

Wash all diapers at least once before wearing and dry them in the dryer on regular or high heat. Washing the diapers cleans them of factory dust and handling dirt. Fabric is handled a LOT before you receive the diapers and it's nice to know that they're truly clean before putting them on your baby. And drying items with PUL (the waterproof fabric) helps to seal needle holes for extra waterproofing.

Use two inserts at night. This is a surprisingly common mistake. Very often new-to-cloth moms will call and ask why the diapers leak at night. And nearly every time it's because they're only using one insert. For newborns that are changed throughout the night, one insert is fine. But for older babies that are sleeping several hours at a time, two inserts and even possibly three, will likely be necessary. If you find that two or three inserts is too bulky, I sell several types of inserts that are ideal for trim nighttime diapering. SuperDo inserts is one such insert. This is the #2 rated insert and is a very absorbant, yet trim, option for nighttime.

More advice to come later!


as someone about to embark on cloth diapering I appreciate this guidance on what to expect!