October 24, 2008

Are you feeling the pinch?

Yikes, the business section of the newspaper is a tough read these days. Are you feeling the pinch? Between high gas prices, high grocery bills, and stock market worries, it doesn't matter if you actually have any money invested in stocks.

What to do? Well, I have one answer. Cloth diapering your baby is an excellent, and surprisingly easy, way to save money.

Prefolds and covers are inexpensive. You can cloth diaper your baby from birth to potty training for about $300 with prefolds and covers. There's a learning curve with folding them, but most parents master this within a couple of days. After all, you'll get a lot of practice!

If you'd prefer to start with something more similar to disposables (ie...as easy as possible!) then there are lots of great options for you. BumGenius and Happy Heinys both have an excellent "one size fits all" diaper. Both fit from about 7 pounds to 35 pounds. These are pricier up front but still save lots of money in the long run.

For the best fit and easy to use, there are pocket diapers and All-in-Ones. These are both very easy to use, easy to wash, and because they are sized (small, medium, large) they'll fit your baby like a glove from beginning to end. Knickernappies, Fuzzi Bunz, Dream-Eze, Thirsties, Snap-Ez, and Drybees are all examples.

A stash of these diapers, birth to potty training, runs from $300 to about $800 dollars. Still a significant savings when you consider the average baby will use over $2000 in diapers from birth to potty training!

Finally, some news to be glad about! Visit my store, www.ClothDiaperOutlet.com, to find out more about these great new cloth diapers. Find out for yourself how easy it can be!