January 30, 2015

Our Favorite Diapers for Valentine's Day, PLUS Wolbybug AIO Winner Announced!!

We are excited to announce the winner of our Wolbybug AIO Valentine's Day Giveaway winner plus share some of our other favorite Valentine's Day diapers to order now to wear for Valentine's Day (and beyond)! 

Clockwise, from top left:
Wolbybug All-in-One Cloth Diaper in pink monkey and red,
Kawaii One-Size Pocket H/L in summer peach
Grovia Shell in H/L in peacock
Applecheeks Envelope Cover in cherry tomato

BumGenius 4.0 in Countess
Logan & Lenora wetbag in red bloom

And without further ado, the winner of the Wolbybug AIO in pink monkey or solid red from our Valentine's Day Giveaway is....
Brittany P!

Congrats! Brittany has been emailed with details on claiming the prize. Don't worry though, other readers...we have more great giveaways coming soon!

January 29, 2015

Thrifty Thursday 1/29/15

On Thursdays we want to help you save money by sharing the latest deals, coupon codes, and new aditions to the outlet section of Cloth Diaper Outlet! Here are some of our favorite ways to save money at Cloth Diaper Outlet this week:


Use code "DryShirt" to get 15% off Wolbybug nursing pads through 2/2/15
And don't forget to use code "Grovia" to get 20% off all Grovia products by 1/31

Sales & Clearance

Logan + Lenora Wetbags on sale for $19.20

Imse Vimse Swim Diaper in turquoise dot, size Medium, for $12.95 (I have one of these in blue fish and both my sons have worn it and it still looks awesome and could definitely stand up to being worn by a couple more kids!)

Forget (me) not that Applecheeks Envelope Covers are still on sale for $16.50 in all colors, including by not limited to "Forget me Not" as pictured. 

New Outlet

Some Baby Bum Drops have damaged packaging, which means they're perfectly usable, but you get a great deal-they're only $8! Your cloth wipes will thank you for scooping up this deal!

Gently Used Outlet
There are currently over 2 dozen items in the inserts and soakers section from brands like Flip, Happy Heiny, Snap-On, and more ranging from $1.98 to $6.87 at time of posting, depending on brand and condition.

You can also choose from a wide variety of trainers from Flip, Fuzzibunz, Happy Heinys, Super Undies, and more, from $3.99 to $17.97 at time of posting.

Quantities may be extremely limited for outlet and clearance products and we make no guarantees that they are in still in stock by the time you are reading this!

January 22, 2015

Thrifty Thursday 1/22/2015

On Thursdays we want to help you save money by sharing the latest deals, coupon codes, and new aditions to the outlet section of Cloth Diaper Outlet! Here are some of our favorite ways to save money at Cloth Diaper Outlet this week:

Use code "Grovia" to get 20% off all Grovia products through January 31st. Just save me a Pudge, okay?

Sales & Clearance

Orange You Glad that Applecheeks Envelope Covers are only $16.50?!? (All colors on sale including but not limited to "Orange You Glad" as pictured)

Fuzzibunz Perfect Size Cloth Diaper in cotton candy, size extra small for $8.95. Seriously awesome deal just waiting for someone to scoop up for their newborn or newborn-to-be! 

New Outlet
 Wolbybug Side Snap Pocket Diapers for $6. I have one of these in my personal stash in the farm print and it's adorable and awesome. Highly recommended, especially at this price!

Grovia wetbag in Sunset only $4.75! 

Fuzzibunz Minky One Size Inserts 3 pack for $9.56 (these work pretty well in the Wolbybug side snap cover mentioned above!)

Gently Used Outlet
Imagine covers in Rawr in both newborn ($6.37) and one-size ($8.21), both in like new condition
Blueberry simplex AIO one size diapers in jungle jam, red, marina, swirls, and paisley from $10.38 to $15.57 depending on condition

Quantities may be extremely limited for outlet and clearance products and we make no guarantees that they are in still in stock by the time you are reading this!

January 19, 2015

Wolbybug All-in-One Cloth Diaper: Product Spotlight

Cloth Diaper Outlet recently stocked an awesome new item and we are super excited to tell you about it: Presenting theWolbybug All-in-One Cloth Diaper!

The new Wolbybug All-in-One Cloth Diaper is a cute, easy-to-use new diaper that comes in a variety of classic solids and trendy prints. It is an all-in-one diaper, so no additional inserts are necessary and there is no stuffing involved. There is a semi-attached insert but that doesn't add any work and I think it helps it get clean easily and dry in a reasonable amount of time. 

 I found it very absorbent, so it's a great nighttime solution, and it seems to have a pretty wide range of size adaptability compared to some of the other one-size diapers in my stash. 

It's also incredibly easy to use, so I definitely think it'd be a great diaper to leave with other caregivers who are willing to use cloth but might be less ready to stuff inserts and things like that, possibly babysitters or grandparents or daycare.

I got to try this diaper in the Lilypad print and Farm print and eek! They are beyond adorable! I highly recommend this diaper in any of the fun colors, but I am definitely a huge fan of Lilypad and Farm myself. I also love these colors/prints:

You can grab you own Wolbybug All-in-One Cloth Diaper right here at  Cloth Diaper Outlet for $19.99 at time of posting this review.  You can also enter our Valentine's Day Giveaway through January 28, 2015 for a chance to win your own Wolbybug AIO in a festive color (and you can earn bonus entries by commenting on this post!)

January 15, 2015

Valentine's Day Cloth Diaper Giveaway

If you're reading this, you probably love cloth diapers...so what better way to celebrate the day of love than by scoring a brand new cloth diaper for the cloth diapering kiddo you love?!? We love you, our readers, so much that Cloth Diaper Outlet will be giving one lucky reader a Wolbybug All-in-One Cloth Diaper  (check out our full review coming later this week to read about how much we love these new diapers!) in your choice of pink monkey print or solid red. 

To enter, share with us what you love about cloth diapering, and use the Rafflecopter form below to make sure all your entries get counted.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

XOXO and good luck!

January 9, 2015

Happy New Year from I Love Cloth Diapers and Cloth Diaper Outlet!

I Love Cloth Diapers is excited to spend 2015 with you! Here are 15 of our resolutions for 2015:

1) To bring you the latest and greatest from our favorite cloth diaper brands
2) To tell you all about our newest products so you can decide if they're right for you
3) To help new parents, grandparents, and other caregivers navigate the waters of learning about cloth diapers
4) To help experienced cloth diapering families learn new tricks
5) To connect with you on social media, like right here!
6) To introduce you to our new blogger!
7) To have some fun giveaways
8) To share ideas we love for having fun with our families
9) To step away from the computer and actually use those ideas for having fun with our families
10) To tell the important people in our life that we love them
11) To care for our bodies by (mostly) eating healthy and exercising (some)
12) To love our bodies exactly as they are at that moment
13) To give back to causes we are passionate about, like the Down syndrome Diagnostic Network
14) To tell others about the great causes we are passionate about
15) And to enjoy lots of snuggles with our diaperees!

What are some of your New Years resolutions, or your hopes, and dreams this year? We can't wait to hear from you!

September 23, 2014

Cloth Diaper Washing TIPS

Washing cloth diapers can seem like a hassle to someone considering cloth, but it is actually quite
simple. Believe it or not, it may even become, gasp, enjoyable! Here are some tips to get you started; however, you will quickly find out that everyone has their own routine for diaper laundry and what works best for someone else may not work best for you. Don’t be afraid to experiment until you find the best routine for you!

Use the right detergent and the right amount

There are so many detergents on the market for cloth diapers that it is difficult to recommend one. Some families have successfully used commercial brands found in grocery stores while others prefer to stick with brands specifically designed for cloth diapers, most often found at online retailers. How well a detergent works for you, as well as how much detergent to use, may depend on your water type (hard vs soft) and washer type (top vs front loader). You may need to try a few different types and vary the amount until you find what gets your diapers the cleanest. Avoid detergents with fragrances, whiteners, or softeners.

Wash your diapers frequently

The best way to avoid a stinky diaper pail and stubborn set-in stains is to wash your diapers often. Don’t allow them to sit in a pail or wetbag for more than a couple days. Expect to do diaper laundry at least every 2-3 days if you are full-time cloth diapering.

Don’t overcrowd, don’t under fill

When washing cloth diapers, you will want to make sure the water level you choose and the number of diapers you are washing allows the diapers to sufficiently agitate. If you do not use enough water or try to wash too many diapers at once, the washer will not be able to effectively move and wash them. On the other hand, if you wash in too much water or use too few diapers, the agitation will be less effective at getting your diapers clean. How many diapers you can wash in one load will depend on the size of your washer as well.

Don’t forget to secure those laundry tabs on your aplix diapers before putting them in the washer to avoid snags and pills!


Whether you rinse your diapers or throw them straight into your pail or wetbag, you may want to start your diaper laundry with a cold or warm pre-rinse/pre-wash to get rid of any loose debris you don’t want to end up in your wash cycle. Either set your washer dial to start a rinse cycle or run a short wash cycle and stop before it enters the rinse.

Hot wash

Wash your diapers on hot (unless otherwise specified by the manufacturer) on the longest wash cycle your washer allows. DO NOT use the sanitize cycle if your washer has one. Hot water from this cycle can damage cloth diapers and void your warranties.

Rinse until water is clear

Rinse your diapers in cold water at least once or twice. The important thing is to make sure there are no soap bubbles during your final rinse. Any soap that is not rinsed out can leave a residue that builds up over time and cause repelling or odors. If you see there are still soap bubbles after 2 rinses (Hint: Turn off your washer during agitation. If the bubbles remain, they are soap bubbles. If they quickly pop and disappear, they are agitation bubbles not soap), use less detergent in your next load and make sure to continue to rinse until the water is clear.


Although manufacturer recommendations will vary, most diapers can be machine dried on a low heat setting. Some diapers and covers need to be line dried, so make sure to check your care instructions. Line drying is a cost effective way to not only dry your diapers, but also treat stains by sunning them. If you don’t like the way your diapers feel after line drying, throw them in the dryer for just a few minutes to soften them up.

Bleach, vinegar, water softener, baking soda

Occasionally you will read about people using one of these products to solve wash issues – barnyard stink, stains, or ammonia build-up. While some of them are actually recommended by certain manufacturers (bleach) and others are especially useful when hard water is a factor (softeners), be wary of adding anything to your diaper wash that isn’t specifically indicated in care instructions.

September 15, 2014

Baby's First Tooth: Signs your baby might be teething

A baby’s first tooth usually breaks through around age 6 or 7 months, however, they can appear anywhere from 3 months to 1 year of age. So how do you know when to expect that milestone with your little one? Here are some signs to clue you in that your baby may be teething.


The pressure of a tooth that is making its way through your baby’s gums may be painful, or at the least, uncomfortable. Accordingly, your baby may become fussier/crankier than usual in the days (or weeks, for some) leading up to a tooth erupting through the gums. This discomfort may also lead to increased night-waking or poor sleep quality.

Increased drooling

Teething causes excessive saliva production, so many parents notice more drooling during this time. The increase in saliva can also cause coughing, gagging, or a rash on your baby’s chin, face, and/or neck.


Chewing on their fingers (and yours!) and toys (and anything else they can get their hands on!) is another sign of teething. Applying pressure externally to the gums can relieve the pain and discomfort from teething. This is a great time to bring out all of those teething rings and toys!

Refusal to eat or drink

The sucking action of nursing or bottle feeding can cause pain for a teething baby, so you may find your baby refuses to nurse or take a bottle while teething. Older babies who are eating more solid food may also have a poor appetite.

Swollen gums

Upon examination of your baby’s gums, you may observe swelling, redness, or bulging. You may even be able to see the teeth or small amounts of pooled blood (will appear to be blue) right below the surface of the gums.

Pulling on the ears

Pain in the gums may radiate to the ears, so you may notice your baby pulling on or rubbing his or her ears more often.

Diarrhea or Fever

There is some debate about whether diarrhea and a low-grade fever are indicative of teething. Some experts believe swallowing so much extra saliva can irritate the digestive system and cause diarrhea or loose stools. Gum irritation can cause a low-grade fever, but most doctors recommend calling your pediatrician if the fever persists for a few days even if you believe it may be related to teething.

Some babies will display all of these signs while others will show no indication of teething until you suddenly notice them poking through the gums! Some babies sprout front teeth with no trouble but become miserable while teething their molars. Whatever the case may be, it is helpful to know what to look for so you can comfort your baby when the time comes.

To shop for Baltic Amber Teething Jewelery for natural teething pain and discomfort relief visit Cloth Diaper Outlet.

August 29, 2014

Cloth Diapering a Newborn? Here's what you NEED!

Will you be cloth diapering a newborn?

Cloth diapering your baby from birth can seem like an overwhelming task, but you really only need a few things to get started!

1) Diapers

Obviously to cloth diaper your newborn, you’ll need diapers! But the question is, how many? What kind? It’s a good rule of thumb to have around 12 diapers per day for a newborn, so you will want to have approximately 24 diapers if you plan to wash every other day and 36 diapers if you plan to wash every 3 days. Of course, this is a general estimate; you may find you need fewer or more diapers for your baby.

There are a lot of options for cloth diapers on the market for newborns. Some cloth-diapering families find that so-called "one size" diapers do not fit tiny newborns well, so you may want to consider purchasing cloth diapers that are specifically designed for babies less than 10-12 lbs. Newborn-sized diapers are available in many styles - all-in-ones (AIOs), pocket diapers, fitted diapers, and flats/prefolds and covers. Which style you choose is a matter of personal preference and budget. Many families choose prefolds and covers because they don’t want to make a large investment in diapers that will only fit for a limited time.

2) Cloth-diaper safe rash cream and detergent

It is important to know that most diapers creams you find at the store are not safe to use with cloth diapers. They create a barrier inside the diaper that impedes absorption and can leave a residue that is very difficult to remove. Rash creams that are safe to use with cloth diapers do not affect absorbency and wash out with a normal diaper laundry routine. They can be easily found online.

Just as many diaper creams are not compatible with cloth diapers, many detergents aren’t as well. Using the wrong laundry detergent can cause repelling (diapers will not absorb wetness) or skin irritation, or simply won’t get your diapers clean enough. Although there is some reported success with brands found at local chain stores, there are countless cloth diaper safe rash cream brands available that are specifically tailored to cloth diaper laundry.

3) Wetbag or pail liner

You will need a place to store soiled diapers until laundry day; wetbags or pail liners are the perfect place to put those dirty diapers. A wetbag is a waterproof bag that keeps odors and moisture contained. They come in many different sizes: there are very large wetbags that can hold an entire load of diaper laundry all the way down to small wetbags that can be kept in a diaper bag for storage of one of two diapers on the go. If you would rather use a diaper pail, a pail liner is a convenient way to keep your pail dry, clean, and odor-free. Both wetbags and pail liners can be tossed in right along with your diaper laundry so they too are clean and ready to go for the next diaper change.

4) Liners

You may want to consider using disposable liners for the first few days as meconium can be difficult to remove from your diapers. They are placed between the diaper and baby and can either be thrown away or flushed (depending on brand) during diaper changes. Stay-dry liners, which are made from fleece, may also be useful if you plan to use prefold/flats and covers. They keep baby’s skin dry, which is more comfortable for your baby and can lead to fewer diaper rashes.

If you are expecting and plan to cloth diaper from birth, congratulations and good luck with your cloth diapering journey!

August 4, 2014

Both Snap and Aplix Closure Diapers Have Their Benefits, Which do you choose?

Snap or Aplix Closure Diapers, Which do you choose?

No matter what type of cloth diaper you choose - prefolds and covers, pockets, all-in-ones, or a hybrid system - there is one universal choice that needs to be made. What closure should you use - snaps or aplix?  Here are some benefits of both to help you make the decision.


Snaps excel in durability. Most often made of plastic, they rarely show wear and tear and are designed to last for years. Unlike aplix with laundry tabs that need to be secured before washing, there are no special preparations for laundering cloth diapers with snap closures. There is also no concern about creating snags on other diapers during the wash cycle or drying, which can happen despite best efforts to secure velcro tabs. Snaps are also the most secure closure. They are not easily removed, which is a good thing if you have a toddler who would rather go without a diaper! Additionally, some moms prefer the cleaner look of snaps, as  most snaps match or compliment the color or print of the diaper.


Aplix excels in ease of use. Hook and look closures make diaper changes quick, which is important when babies become mobile and don't want to lay still for diaper changes. Fast diaper changes are also desirable for those middle of the night changes. Aplix is also easier for caregivers to use as they are similar to disposables in terms of putting them on and taking then off. Many cloth diapering families prefer hook and loop closures because they can get a better fit. Unlike snap closure diapers that have predetermined locations for fastening, aplix diapers can be secured anywhere along to belly panel strip to obtain a customized fit for your child.

Each closure offers its own unique benefits. You may find you prefer all of one kind or even a mix of the two!

For a great selection of both snap and aplix closure diapers please visit ClothDiaperOutlet.com